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07-23-2011, 03:22 PM
Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the NBA Mock Off-season Playoff voting. Every summer, between 50-65 PSD users participate in a game where each GM takes on the challenge of running the off-season for an NBA team. Those GM's are free to make trades, signings, pick up team option on players, conduct the draft etc as ways to help better improve their team. What we have here is the results of those GM's hard-work as we have now reached the playoffs.

Keep in mind when voting that teams have changed dramatically through the mock and many teams are operating with completely new starting line ups. So please take the time to look at the teams closely (depth chart and write up) before voting. Try to avoid being a homer and vote simply on who is the better team in the match up.

#2) OKC Thunder vs. #7) Portland Trailblazers

Thunder have Homecourt Advantage!

Thunder Depth Chart
C-Al Horford/Spencer Hawes/Dan Gadzuric
F-Udonis Haslem/Carl Landry/Ersan Ilyasova
F-Kevin Durant/Linas Kleiza
G-Manu Ginobili/Vince Carter
G-Devin Harris/Shannon Brown/A.J. Price

Blazers Depth Chart
PG:Mike Conley Jr./Beno Udrih/Charles Jenkins
SG:Jr. Smith/Ronnie Brewer/James Johnson
SF:Rudy Gay/Ronnie Brewer/James Johnson
PF:Lamarcus Aldridge/Brandon Bass/Robin Lopez
C:Emeka Okafor/Robin Lopez/Chris Johnson

Blazers Writeup
PG position. Devin Harris/Shannon Brown/A.J. Price vs. Mike Conley Jr./Beno Udrih/Charles Jenkins

I think this is a position where we have a slight advantage. Conley has been steadily improving over the last few years while Devin Harris for the most part has been on the decline to where it would not be a surprise if Mike Conley played better next year. One huge improvement Conley made this year was to became a better defender posting his best defensive rating of 107 win and 3.2 win shares. On the other hand Harris, once a good defender for the Mavericks, is no where near the defender he was once was and tied his career worst defensive rating of 112 for the second year in a row with only 1 win share. For the backups Udrih has a fantastic year for the kings last year posting a 14 and 5 with amazing percentages in 35 minutes. Obviously he wouldn't get that many minutes but he would be a very nice backup to conley and could give our offense a nice boost. Then while Brown while flashy with his dunks and athleticism is still figuring out how to play in the nba and is not really a backup point and more of a 2 gaurd.

F-Kevin Durant/Linas Kleiza G-Manu Ginobili/Vince Carter vs. Jr. Smith/Ronnie Brewer/James Johnson SF:Rudy Gay/Ronnie Brewer/James Johnson

Not much I can say here to be honest. A Ginobili and Durant pairing is a fantastic one. I think however we have 3 pretty good defenders. Brewer is obvious as that is his specialty and expect him to see a ton of time in this series as he sports a 98 defensive rating and had a 3.7 defensive win share. Then Gay and JR are actually pretty decent defenders. Jr has a defensive rating of 106 and 2.3 wins shares in limited minutes while Gay had a defensive rating of 105 with 2.8 defensive win shares while only playing in 54 games and at 6-9 should have the length to at least make things difficult for Durant. Then for Gays offense even though his numbers looks the same from the previous year he took a major leap in efficiency. His 3pt % went from 33% to 40%, his free throw percentage from 75% to 80%, his assists increased from 2 to 3 and really everything went up but the only negative was that his turnovers increased by .4. I would also like to add that while Manu Giniobli is a really good player how many times by playoffs time have you heard that he has some kind of injury limiting him.

C-Al Horford/Spencer Hawes/Dan Gadzuric F-Udonis Haslem/Carl Landry/Ersan Ilyasova vs. PF:Lamarcus Aldridge/Brandon Bass/Robin Lopez C: Emeka Okafor/Robin Lopez/Chris Johnson

I believe this is the one area where we have the clear advantage. While Horford is a All Star Player we two have our own budding potential all star in Lamarcus Aldridge. I also believe the difference is that we have Emeka Okafor to guard Horford while they will either have to choose either letting Horford guard Aldridge which would tire him on the offensive end and possibly get him in foul trouble or try to have 6-8 Haslem try to guard 6-11 Aldridge which would be really tough for him. I also believe our bench is a bit better posting 6 wins shares vs Landry's 4 and lopez and hawes are basically the same players.

Thunder Writeup:
Congratulations to dhop and SaR for leading the Blazers to the playoffs. They inherited an injury-riddled middle of the pack team and endowed it with the depth, firepower, and raw talent to compete now and many years in the future. We wish them the best of luck in the playoffs.

This match-up really comes down to our advantage in virtually all aspects of the game. While our perimeter rotation may not be the stoutest defensively, the production of our wings will easily exceed the Blazers over the course of a 7 game series.

With a bounty of offense coming from the likes of Kevin Durant, Al Horford, Devin Harris, Vince Carter, and Carl Landry, our team will have no problem leaning on Manu Ginobiliís defense to slow Portlandís most potent source of scoring from outside in Rudy Gay. If nothing else, Manu can neutralize the production of Gay leaving the Blazers to lean on the inconsistent J.R. Smith for 15-20 points a night.

The physicality of our frontcourt is also a tough assignment for Portlandís bigs. Horfordís ability to operate from the high post and the elbow creates problems for Aldridge, who is an average defender on a good day, or Okafor, who is one of the slowest centers in the league.

At the point guard position, Devin Harris versus Mike Conley will amount to a wash. Conleyís outside shooting is complementary to the rest of their lineup while Harrisís penetration is a perfect fit for facilitators like Manu and Horford, and floor-spacers like Durant and Landry.

The most alarming disparity between these two teams is in experience. Emeka Okafor and Mike Conley have experienced one postseason each while LaMarcus Aldridge is a first round virgin. Rudy Gay has never played in the playoffs and J.R. Smith, Robin Lopez, and Ronnie Brewer each only has one deep postseason run under his belt.

Meanwhile our team is loaded with playoff experience. Manu Ginobili, Udonis Haslem, Shannon Brown, and Devin Harris have a collective eight NBA Finals appearances and six NBA Championships. Kevin Durant is fresh off an appearance in the Western Conference Finals and even Al Horford has made multiple runs to the Eastern Semi-Finals with the Hawks.

Overall our team is superior in the areas of depth, defense, experience, and offensive firepower. All of those factors combined with homecourt advantage make for an overwhelming match-up for the Blazers. Thunder win the series in 5 or 6 games.

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Blazers being a 7 seed is just a testament to how deep the West was in this Mock.
That being said, Thunder win this one

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are the votes suppossed to be viewable(I realize it doesn't matter here) so people with less then 100 posts votes don't count?

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are the votes suppossed to be viewable(I realize it doesn't matter here) so people with less then 100 posts votes don't count?

Yeah the votes really should be public. I already asked KoB about it.

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I am pretty sure a mod would need to fix it now if it can be fixed

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I am pretty sure a mod would need to fix it now if it can be fixed

I don't think it can be fixed. KoB would need to re-post the match-up, especially if it ends up being close.

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with it being 15-1 not too worried about that

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