View Full Version : McHale v Bird in DRtg & DWS

07-21-2011, 11:10 PM
In looking over Bird and McHale I find that Bird beats on McHale in DRtg and DWS - which is wrong.

Bird's argument is that he got a lot of steals (mostly off of passes and dribbles), and very good defensive rebounding.

But dating back to when it was Bird/Maxwell through McHale/Bird later after Maxwell was gone - Bird would routinely get the weaker offensive player, and McHale would draw the harder player.

Bird ended up with 4 league leading WS marks, and a DRtg of 101 for his career.

McHale even if you EQ for minutes, loses to Bird in DWS/48.

There were years I didn't miss more then 5 games all year, I had seasons tickets one year - 1981, and I'm telling all of you, McHale was better, a lot better then Bird on defense. McHale is one of the greatest defensive forwards I ever saw. He would go from Aguirre, Malone, English, Roundfield, Erving, etc while Bird was getting guys like Bobby Jones, Catledge, Salley, Iavaroni, Cathings,

So why/how are these stats missing this? If a player scores 9 on Bird and averages 7, and scores 22 on McHale but averages 29 who had a better job? If McHale can cover 6' 5" to 7' guys near as well as anyone in the league, what about a guy that plays defense with one foot in the paint all game long?

07-21-2011, 11:43 PM
It's a shame there are no synergy stats or even defensive +/- stats for back then. I'm sure they'd do a better job. But I'll take your word for it that McHale was the better defender.

I'm planning on trying to watch as many NBA Finals games as I can, so maybe I'll see that on the tape too.