View Full Version : THe 2010-2011 NBA Season rants & raves.

06-30-2011, 10:29 AM

• What a sorry end to Shaq’s career. That last stumbling reverse layup he made against the Heat was certainly embarrassing and was probably physically painful. In truth, Shaq should have retired two years ago but was reluctant to give up the spotlight.

• When is LeBron going to stop relying on his buddies for advice? The immature leading the immature only leads to misguided “decisions” and dumb post-series pronouncements that lame apologies cannot correct. It’s past time for LeBron to put a certified grownup in charge of his advisory group.

• Is it me? Or has the officiating gone from bad to worse?

Aside from the multitude of calls they either got wrong or simply missed, it seems the whistle tooters were too quick to call flagrant fouls. Every flop, every necessarily unequal collision between bigs and smalls resulted in penalties and outright banishments.

As it is, instead of truly appreciating the beauty of the game and the requisite physicality therein, refs are trained to look for mistakes.

• The inevitable lockout is infuriating. Worse, I find it difficult to sympathize with either the millionaires or the billionaires. A pox on both their houses.

• I’m not ashamed to admit I thoroughly enjoyed the Mavs’ triumph over the Heat. The righteousness of team play over individual brilliance should be self-evident to all but the most zealous Miami-LeBron fanatics.

• A tip of the proverbial cap to Amar’e Stoudemire for his courageous performances throughout the season. He undeniably demonstrated heart and leadership by playing excess minutes during the regular season, and by playing hurt in the postseason series against Boston. The fact that he really can’t coexist with 'Melo isn’t Stoudemire’s fault. But "STAT" deserves credit for evolving into a mature individual.

we may have a long break before we can watch another game so feel free to give your rants & raves about the season......

personally, i was highly surprised LA couldn't even win a game & that San Antonio couldn't even make it out of 1st round!! I thought the officiating in the Boston/Miami series was atrocious!!! (big advantage to Miami). Boston was Miami's only real threat - Rose & Chicago are not ready yet. I've been saying since 2006 when Dallas lost to Miami in the finals that all they really needed was a decent center who can pull down boards (since Nowitzki was allergic to rebounding), score some points & be a factor......they acquire Chandler & they win it all...........But the ultimate high-light of the season hands down was Miami losing. I don't wish failure on any team & i ain't a hater but it was good to see a team humble them. perhaps we'll see more maturity from them next time.

fire away gentlemen.....