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06-15-2011, 11:23 AM
LeBron James was right: The people who run the Peoria Chiefs really did wake up on Monday morning with their usual host of personal problems.
Chief, uh, among them: How were they supposed to bring widespread publicity to their Single-A affiliate of the Chicago Cubs without spending a lot of money —or any money at all, really?
Luckily, the defeated but smug Miami Heat star provided them with enough inspiration to make this an easy work week. And so the Chiefs will be holding "LeBron James 2011 NBA Championship Replica Ring Giveaway" night for Thursday night's game.
The catch being that the ring, like the one James didn't earn against the Dallas Mavericks, is non-existent so fans will really just be receiving a handful of air. The joke "giveaway" is being tacked on to an already scheduled promotion celebrating Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls' run of six NBA titles over eight years during the 1990s.
From the Peoria Chiefs press release:
In addition to the LeBron replica ring, the Chiefs are looking into whether or not the game can skip the fourth inning to honor King James who took off the fourth quarter of every finals game.
"We aren't sure if the league will allow it," said team President Rocky Vonachen. "But if LeBron doesn't need to show up for the fourth, maybe we won't either."
One lucky fan will win a replica of James' 2011 Finals MVP Award which he earned with his clutch fourth quarter play. Fans will also have the opportunity to learn how to perform the Heimlich to prevent themselves or their colleagues from choking in a big situation.
"Really this is just us getting back to the real world and waking up today and trying to solve our own personal problems," said Vice President of Ticket Sales Eric Obalil.
I'm usually not a big fan of minor league teams jumping on the latest sports news for a cheap headline or promotion, especially if it doesn't involve the sport they play.
But I have to hand it to the chiefs of the Chiefs. It sure takes a lot of guts to schedule a giveaway mocking LeBron's lack of rings when you're feeding a big league baseball franchise that hasn't won one since 1908. Especially when the Cubs are currently a heck of a lot farther away from winning a championship than James and the Heat.


LOL at the fact that they tried to skip the 4th inning.

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