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Armed with information from the tireless folks at the Elias Sports Bureau, Scott Randall of ESPN Stats and Research followed the dots after the Milwaukee Bucks ended the Dallas Mavericks' 12-game win streak Monday night and found a pot of gold that might interest the Mavs.

Monday was the fifth time in team history that the Bucks have ended a winning streak of at least 12 games. The most famous instance was when Milwaukee ended the Los Angeles Lakers' NBA-record 33-game winning streak on Jan. 9, 1972. The Bucks also ended 12-plus game streaks by the Celtics (1973 -12), 76ers (1983 - 14) and Spurs (2007 - 13).

What do all four teams have in common?

They all went on to win the NBA title that same season.

Here's a look at the Bucks' streak-busters and the teams they sent on to raise a championship banner:

January 9, 1972 - Beat Lakers, 120-104

In January of 1972 the Bucks beat Los Angeles 120-104 to snap the Lakers NBA-record 33-game winning streak. The Lakers would still go on to win the NBA title...

November 30, 1973 - Beat Celtics, 117-93

Two seasons later the Bucks ended another streak by the eventual NBA champions... This time it was a 12-game streak by the Celtics.

January 23, 1983 - Beat 76ers, 107-96

It happened again in 1983 when the Bucks ended the 76ers' 14-game streak... the same season Julius Erving and Philly won their first NBA title since 1967.

March 15, 2007 - Beat Spurs, 101-90

And then in 2007 Milwaukee ended the Spurs 13-game streak. Get this... The Spurs would go on the win the title...

December 12, 2010 - Beat Mavericks, 103-99

So the Mavs should be happy the Bucks ended their 12-game streak last night... Based on stone-cold history, it now assures them of winning the NBA title this season.

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Wow that is freaky.

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haha, interesting.

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:laugh: I remember this thread being made a while back. That's funny.

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Good find. Why couldn't they have ended our 12 game winning streak instead of the Mavs earlier in the year :sigh:

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wow. Damn it Lakers weren't they on a huge winning streak during the 2nd half of the season too? WHY DIDN'T YOU LOSE AFTER 12 DAMN IT!? :(

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O wow. When in doubt get a crazy streak going and let the bucks hammer you to ensure a title for the season. That sounds about right

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I think the Bucks assured us of a championship when 13 years ago, they traded us a top 20 player of all time in Dirk for garbage.

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Good find. Why couldn't they have ended our 12 game winning streak instead of the Mavs earlier in the year :sigh:

Josh, is that you? :speechless: Lol

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So I guess the moral of the story is that if you are on a long winning streak and then draw the Bucks... do everything possible to throw that game.... lol Hypothetical situation next year:

Commentator: So the Heat are up 20 with less than one minute to go and look like they will extend their win streak to 15 games. I don't understand why Spolestra called this time out though.....

From the group huddle:

Spolestra: Guys do everything possible to lose this game... seriously! It's a given that when a long winning streak snapped by the Bucks ends up winning the title. I want to see Joel Anthony take threes. I want to see passes to the cameramen. I want to see guys actually foul and extend the game. Lebron, just walk to the rim from half court with the ball.

Lebron: Come on man! You know that they don't call me for travelling.

Spolestra: Oh yeah I forgot.. Alright well I want the whole team to flip off the referees once we are out of the timeout. Everyone get that? Alright come on guys, treat it like it's the NBA finals.


It's an odd stat though. The bucks should be proud. They can say they beat some really good NBA championship teams.

John Walls Era
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Now this is an interesting thread. I wish someone pointed it out then...

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That's some crazy nonsense.

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Freaky statistics

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fricken crazy. wowzers

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Now this is an interesting thread. I wish someone pointed it out then...

it was. I remember someone putting it up and there was a small discussion