View Full Version : Coming straight from a true heat fan

Bring The Heat
06-13-2011, 12:51 AM
Congrats to Dallas they deserve every bit of this victory. I been saying since 2006 when we won that Dirk Nowitizki is not a choker and has the heart of a lion... Like wade said a lot of people overuse the word "Choke"... Sometimes things don't go your way and you fall short it's part of life.... Dirk fell short against a great heat team... losses like that hurt you but in the end only made him a better player... I admire his will and dedication to the game of basketball... Biggest turning point in the series has to be Game 2 when the heat had the game in their hands and Dallas willed themselves to an historic comeback to take control of the series... It just simply was their time to win it all... This was their year since they are an old veteran team with a small window of opportunity

With that being said I'm still proud of my team in our first year made it to the finals under much hate and scrutiny... We beat some great teams in boston and chicago to get here... Just wasn't our time but we will have plenty of more opportunities with players like Wade Lebron and Bosh still young and in their primes.... I don't think Lebron nor Wade is a choker I just think it wasn't their time and I think it will only make lebron and the rest of the team stronger and more motivated... and a lot of us underrating Dallas defense this series and the fact they were shooting the heck out of the ball.. Great balanced team that shared the ball very well

Once again congrats to Mavs fans you guys been through some heart breaking seasons and I'm sure this must feel great... even though I know a lot of you won't give us props from 2006 and blame the refs I will man up and say good game and see you next year!