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06-10-2011, 08:31 AM
At 4:01 in the first, Dwayne Wade collided with Brian Cardinal.
In the link below it occurs at 0.42-0.55

it seems to me that though Cardinal was leaning into the hit, which as far as I know is ok, his feet were FIRMLY planted in position.

This particular call doesnt really impact the end result of the game. But it seems that the officials are VERY inconsistent with calling such offensive fouls. Agaisnt Boston, near the end of the last game in Boston, LBJ was in the process of sliding his feet in front of Pierce, and Pierce got called for a charge, while LBJ was leaning the shoulder out and moving his feet to make the contact. It seemed in that instance that it was clearly a DEFENSIVE foul, where as on this play, it seems clear that Brian Cardinal CLEARLY had position, Wade hit him like a frieght train. Clear offensive foul.

At 4:52-4:55 in the clip, you will see LBJ get called for a charge, which I think was the right call, but Chandler got position much later in the play than Cardinal had. If Cardinal was called for the foul, than Chandler should have been or vice versa. I think they were both charges, but if they are going to call it one way, it should be consistent.

And please, this is not a 'Miami gets calls thread'. Lets focus on the actual rules about charging and how they are called. These are two example I've seen recently, but it seems like officials jsut dont get these calls consistently, regardless of what team is playing.

Has anybody else notice the inconsistency of the charging calls? And am I missing something here? Because it just seems like these calls are made out of left field.

And yes, I had no clue who Brian Cardinal was until I watched last nights highlights?!?!?!?!?! lol

06-10-2011, 08:58 AM
It's impossible for refs to get charge calls right a majority of the time, there's so much going on in the game and so quick of a play that it's to hard to read. And for anyone that says in Miami's case that ruined the game Dallas fans can go back to 4 plays they got screwed from, i think it was a fair game. The 4 plays.
1.) Wade got away with a travel twice, while moving his pivot foot.
2.) Howard got away with a Flagrant foul on Stevenson
3.) The call on here, Wade's charge
4.) Lebron got away with a double tripple that in which case 2 seconds later Marion got called for a foul on him and told the refs he just doubled and got T'd up.
So don't cry Heat fans. There was questions both ways.

06-10-2011, 09:03 AM