View Full Version : Leave the Past Behind, LeBrown James

06-01-2011, 07:19 AM
The timeline of our lives is a synecdoche of the timeline of existence itself. The further we progress in life, the more meaningless it all seems. And the further existence of humanity goes into the future, the more redundant it becomes. What can be accomplished that already hasnít been accomplished? What thoughts could be pontificated that havenít already been pontificated 10 times better by the continental philosophers of yore? What does it matter to win a championship when Russell already has eleven. If the greatest of all time has already played, what am I to do? It depends who you ask. The capitalist will tell you to leapfrog the standards of greatness. The marketer will tell you to emulate it. The retired athlete will say you never have a chance, no matter how well you play. But the truth is, to be the greatest of all time, you have to set your own path. For you see, glory is merely a nostalgic notion which never gets fully realized until looked upon through hindsight.

The more we move away from it, the more we lionize it. The past always looks better then the present, because the past can never be changed. And when determination the greatness of contemporary athletes, all we do is look to the past for guidance. The recent success of Dirk Nowitzki, the pride of Puerto Rico, has been roaring comparisons to the greatness of Larry Legacy. Chris Paul is nothing more then a constant reminder of how great Isaiah Molester was. And watching Colby play is like watching clips of Jordanís career animated through video game graphics. It seemed the basketball world was shocked of the Lakers fallout in spite of how bad the team was during the whole season, for the sole reason that Phil Jackson won all his previous titles in 3s, and Colby was destined to win a 2nd three peat. But the past canít be relived.

That is what is so fascinating about the enigmatic figure that is Lebrown James. The path that he took has broken the standards of what paths are needed to be taken to greatness. He is hated by fans, but inevitably the sports world can never hate a winner. And if Lebrown James starts getting titles, less and less will the egotistical ninja turtle be hated by fans. And after he wins 8 championships, we will all claim to say how great he truly was at this moment. Though I hate to say it, be prepared to love Lebrown James if your last name isnít Bryant.