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05-18-2011, 05:36 PM
In responce to hearing about LBJ playing with a head cold, Derrick Rose was sure to let the press know: I'm playing the same day in which I earlier stubbed my toe. It hurt, REAL bad, for like, 8, 9 seconds." I cant find the link for you guys to read because this is clearly fabricated.

Bosh meanwhile, hearing that Rose had stubbed his toe, made sure to mention that he was suffering from mild bruising under his right bicep. "Yeah, when I was working out, I was checking out this hot chick in Yoga pants, GREAT @$$, and I ended up backing into a set of weights, which I notice the follwing day created a light yellow bruising about half a centimeter in diameter. Again, no link could be found as of press time.

Thibadeau confessed that he would be coaching while somewhat stressed out about his an arguement he had with his wife. "She was totally in the right, I was watching game tape, promised to take out the garbage, and I totally forgot. I think she blew it out of proportion, but it was my mistake. I think we cna move forward, so tongiht I will have to try not to take it out on the officials, or in the huddle when I'm trying to motivate Rose to work a little harder on defence."

But that was not the only pain these guys are playing through, after watching Shindler's List, Noah announced: I just dont know man, I cant believe that people are like that. And i see it still today, that hate, when fan talk on basketball forums about homosexuality in sports, that hate just comes up. I mean, I dont like to such d!@k, but if some guy on my team wants to, I dont care as long as he hits his shots, works the boards and plays defence. i just dont know how I will be able to focus on basketball with all that hate in the world."

Joel Anthony also will be playing with a hang nail on his left pinky, while Carlos Boozer will be trying to play through the razor burn he got sculpting his beard: "Usually that Gillette $#!T just glides man, but something was wrong, then I realized, the blue stripe was gone. I should have changed the blade man. I should have changed the blade. But these Mach Three blades are just so expensive, I try to stretch them out, you know what I mean? I'll just have to play through the pain."

Again, not link, but Carlos, yes, I know what you mean bro.

Um... seriously, a head cold? I go to work with a head cold and my boss doesnt make a big deal about it (though in LBJ's defence, i do tend to let everybody around me know about it.).


P.S. LBJ was sure to add he was also playing with a guilty conscience for leaving his home town Cavs ;-)

05-18-2011, 05:36 PM
in before the lock!
No, seriously, please dont lock this one. I really like it.

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this is funny.

but thibs isn't married, only married to basketball. ;)

05-18-2011, 05:37 PM
:facepalm: Isn't LeBron still playing? Why is everyone making a big deal out of this?

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I don't need to explain why this is closed.