View Full Version : in response to the "myth that rose can shoot" thread

Sly Guy
04-25-2011, 01:09 PM
not that it's my intention to show up the mods, or break any of the rules, but I came across a little snippet of news from NBA.com today that would have potentially added to the conversation before the thread was closed.

Evidently Rose's foot is currently in a boot:

So who knows, maybe a couple bad shooting games can be chalked up to some playoff nicks and bruises after all?

I know SteBO closed the thread, and if any of the mods feel the need to close this one they can

Ron Swanson
04-25-2011, 01:16 PM
Bacon and spaceships, because thats all this is worth.

In before the close.

04-25-2011, 01:25 PM
Next on that opens gets an infraction.