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04-13-2011, 03:49 AM
well since the playoff seeds are all sewn up, even though the matchups are up in the air who is everyone's playoff x-factors for each tm? Not a star of course, but the one player who's success is directly corelated to tm success...my picks


Chicago Bulls-Joakim Noah My tm, pretty much feel the whole playoffs ride on Noah, if he brings his best in the playoffs he anchors our defense and advantage on the baord

Miami Heat-Chris Bosh Most people would probably say mike bibby, but I think whats really going to give the extra stuff miami needs is a well motivated and impactful playoff from bosh

Boston Celtics-Shaq This one is pretty obvious, the C's need shaq to replace perkins interior presense, both rebounding and defense

Orlando Magic-Jason Richardson If JR is hitting and hot in the playoffs like last yr for the suns the Magic are going to be hard to beat, hes the big scoring threat besides howard and he pretty much needs to average at least 20+ PPG for the magic to do damage past round 1

Atlanta Hawks-Kirk Hinrich He will bring defense, toughness, but what he really needs to bring is scoring, if he can play good D, 10+ PPG and strong passing skills the Hawks should be able to beat Orlando, if not then they are ****ed

New York Knicks-Ronny Turiaf This one is obvioous, in order to beat the Celtics it is going to come down to rebounding and how they defend inside, if they beat the celtics turiaf will have played a great series

Philadelphia 76ers-Andre Igoudola The only way Philly beats the heat is if AI 2.0 plays better than lebron, yes hes their best palyer but need him to take over and become even better, paly great D like he has and come up w/ at least a line of 20-5-5

Indiana Pacers-Roy Hibbert I dont think its possible, and this is a stretch, but if hibbert dominates Noah like he did last game then the Pacers have a shot and opens up the floor for Tyler Hansbrough who killed us last game

ill stop with the eastern conference, know it best...yours?

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Surprised you picked Noah. I expect him to be a big factor and I think many people do as well.

Knicks - Ronny Turiaf
Hornets - Okafor

04-13-2011, 05:08 AM
Noah has not playing up to his ceiling right now, if we get what deng has been giving us we will be fine, but noah's rebounding has epecially taken a turn for the worse, could have also taken boozer, pretty much the playoffs are riding on those two, especially vs possibly ORL in the 2nd round

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Came into this thread 100% expecting to see J.R. picked for the Nuggs being that he is easily the NBA's leading recipient of exaggerated cliches ("He can shoot you into a game but he can shoot you out of it too har har har" et al).

So, thanks for the surprise of the non-obvious answer.

That said, I think it's Nene, and whether he can maintain his confidence and composure, play aggressively, and make his free throws.

04-13-2011, 08:52 AM
I disagree with a few of these

Sixers- Elton Brand

If Brand can play a dominant inside game against Bosh, who isn't the most physical, this series will be tougher than expected.

Knicks- Landry Fields

Fields easily has the toughest matchup of all of the players. Ray Allen takes so many 3's off of ball screens, and if Fields doesn't stay with Ray, Allen will have huge scoring nights and this series will not be close

Lakers- Lamar Odom

With Bynum injured, Odom will be playing a much bigger role than he usually would. The Blazers are tough; LMA is a beast.

04-13-2011, 02:06 PM
For the 1st rd,

Bulls - Noah (because of Hibbert and Hansbrough)
Heat - Miller and Jones (they'll probably get open 3's from double teaming the BIG3)
Celtics - Green(he needs to focus in defending Melo)
Magic - Arenas (he needs to out play and out score Crawford)
Hawks - Smith (he should focus in scoring since Dwight will be busy guarding Horford)
Knicks - Fields (he need to shutdown Allen for making 3's)
76ers - Lou will and Young (76ers got better bench players than the Heat)
Pacers - Collison (he needs to stop Rose from scoring and force him to make more turnovers)

Thunder - Perkins (interior defense will be their key to stop the Nuggets offense)
Nuggets - Felton (only one in their team who can matchup westbrook)
Spurs - Duncan for Mem (because of Randolph, needs to shutdown from scoring and outrebound)
- Hill and Ginobili for NO (the only players who will guard CP3)
Lakers - Bynum (they need a big body and inside offense to matchup with Okafor, Gasol or Aldridge)
Mavericks - Chandler
Grizzlies - Allen (because of guarding Ginobili or Bryant)
Hornets - Landry (he really needs to fill out D.West's scoring task)

04-13-2011, 02:10 PM
I disagree on 2 of your picks for these 2 teams the x factors will be

Bulls- Kyle Korver
Knicks- Toney Douglas

04-13-2011, 02:28 PM
I don't really know what you guys consider "X-Factors"

Too me the X-Factor is always the teams best player, because if he doesn't perform well, the team wont win.

04-13-2011, 02:35 PM
eh kyle korver is just an extra piece, we can still win if hes cold, we cannot if noah is playing sub-par

04-13-2011, 02:43 PM
eh kyle korver is just an extra piece, we can still win if hes cold, we cannot if noah is playing sub-par

you can win if noah plays sub-par......you can't win if rose plays sub-par

04-13-2011, 03:32 PM
yes that is true, but rose hasnt been sub-par this yr...thus if rose plays up to what is expected and he has done all yr we win, but im talking about players taking it another step, role players that decide series wins

04-13-2011, 03:44 PM
For the Magic, I think it's obviously Jameer. He's gotta be the aggressive play-making PG he was in the playoffs last year. Besides him, and sometimes Hedo, we really don't have anyone who can attack the rim like he can. He's gotta play well for us to have a chance to go far. I couldn't disagree any more about Gil. Anything we get from him is a plus, but he isn't an x-factor. Redick is more of one. He hasn't played in forever, and it's no coincidence that our bench has gone down the ******* since then.

Pretty much the whole supporting cast has to step up :shrug: Jameer has to be a consistent play-maker. Hedo needs to as well. The rest just have to hit shots really...and do so consistently. Anderson needs to play closer to 30 minutes, and keep attacking the glass.

I'll do the rest, for the first round I guess.


Bulls - Deng. He's gotta score, and he's gotta shut down Granger.
Heat - Anyone not on the Big Three. They can't win with three guys alone.
Celtics - KG. Set the tone on defense, be the gritty enforcer, and shut down Amare.
Magic - Jameer, as stated above. He's the x-factor for every series.
Hawks - Hinrich. He's gotta be the leader, he's gotta run that offense.
Knicks - Fields. I agree with the posters above...that match up on Allen is huge.
76ers - Iggy. Best perimeter defender perhaps this season. Will need to be this series. Will also need to score, pass, rebound and lead. He's their best player, but he's also the x-factor.
Pacers - Paul George. SG is their weakness (offensively), and George needs to outproduce them.

Thunder - Perkins. The constant x-factor.
Nuggets - Nene. Low post presence. Has to be able to get something done on Perk.
Spurs - The shooters. Make their shots, and they'll win easy. They rely on that three a lot.
Lakers - Odom. Another constant x-factor. Especially of Bynum is out, he's gonna have to do a lot. Play-make, defend, rebound, score etc.
Mavericks - Depends on who they play, but I'll say Kidd.
Grizzlies - Tony Allen
Hornets - Ariza. He needs to be better...especially offensively.

04-13-2011, 04:03 PM
To me the x factor for Chicago is Kurt Thomas. The main guys are going to do their thing but you can never count out the importance of a vet like Thomas. He's got the experience, he's tough and can't be intimidated, he can be effective in a game without scoring just by his D and rebounding, and he's not afraid to take the hard fouls and take one for the team.

Those may seem like little things but trust me those intangeables are often the difference betweeen winning and losing.

I look at someone like Bibby the same way for Miami. He's got the "been there before" factor and can be clutch at times...

04-13-2011, 04:15 PM

Bulls - Noah
Heat - Haslem
Celtics - Shaq
Magic - Hedo
Hawks - Collins
Knicks - Billups
76ers - Brand
Pacers - Hansbrough

Thunder - Durant
Nuggets - Nene
Spurs - Parker
Lakers - Fisher
Mavericks - Chandler
Grizzlies - Conley
Hornets - Landry
Blazers - Wallace

04-13-2011, 04:30 PM
Heat: joel anthony, the heat need him to crash the boards and be a defensive force to beat bulls and celtics
Lakers: Lamar Odom, he is the ultimate x factor of the nba
bulls: deng
celtics: big baby
thunder: james harden
nuggets: nene
Mavs: roddy beaubois
grizzlies: oj mayo
hornets: ariza
blazers: brandon roy
magic: hedo
hawks: jamal crawford
knicks: tony douglas
76ers: thaddeus young
pacers: hansbrough, he can out hustle noah

04-13-2011, 06:11 PM
beaubois, mayo, hedo, douglas, young, hansborogh, harden, davis are all terrible picks. None of them have big enough roles to be the X-Factor