View Full Version : Should Joe Dumars stay or go?

04-09-2011, 12:44 PM
Although Dumars built the Pistons into a championship team[/URL], he's also responsible for the sorry state the team is in right now.... I think he'll get another year, and Kuester will be fired, but it should probably be the other way around...

04-09-2011, 01:21 PM
I want Dumars to stay.

04-09-2011, 01:21 PM
I'd say dumars warrants a chance to turn this around, an this is my theory as to why, well before dumars got here we where still holdin on to over bad boys squad, that had gotten us two titles, after that the pistons had some pretty bad few season, Of course Grant Hill brought some needed excitement, But overall i think it was Dumars who restored Piston pride an although he only won one title in a window where we should have won 3 i can see why a change is also warranted, but give him at least 2 years extension, with Sale Draggin for the entire season, I just didn't see where Dumars had the opportunity to "right this ship" So i say he stays..

04-09-2011, 09:19 PM
I would not say that Dumars is entirely responcible for the team. In my opion he has really only made two bad moves. One: signing Charlie V. Two: Signign Ben Gordon.
I dont have a problem with either of these guys, but I do have a problem with how much they are getting paid. But Dumars was under a lot of pressure to sign some free-agents that summer. I would have saved that money for this past season, but I dont know what was going on behind closed doors.

People can harp about the Darko thing all they want, bottom line is that any GM in the league would have taken Darko at #2 because he was a center with promise. Center is the hardest position to fill in the league, so every year people take a chance with a high pick on center. Bradly. Kwambe. Bowie. Ellison. Candy. The list is ENDLESS! It is a high stakes gamble, but one EVERY GM takes.

I wish Dumars had kept Okur, but he was playing C, and they had Ben and Davidson, from what I heard, didnt want to be paying two guys close to 20 mil to play the same position, and told Dumars he would pay the cash needed to resign Big Ben the following year, which he didnt do. That is on Davidson.

Outside of players, the only bad choises Dumars has made is with coaches, but at the same time there are not a lot of coaches that will take the low salary that they are paying out now, and there is no point to paying big bucks to somebody who eve if they do a great job, still wont see the playoffs.

The lack of trades over the last year and a half are due to the sale of the team. Dumars has had his hands tied.

Dumars knows what he is doing. He took a team in disarray and turned them in to a contender for close to a decade, and now they are rebuilding. He has had his hands tied with dumping contracts and trades because of the sale, but I think this offseason, depending on the CBA, he will be able to move forward with this team. He drafted well the last couple of years (Daye, Monroe, Bynum, Jerebko) and he is paying those young guys peanuts! So if he can find a way to dump Charlie V and/or Gordon's contract, this team will be able to make some moves. If those contracts stick, Dumars will still have the draft this year, the MLE and trade bait with Prince and Hamilton (is Hamilton's contract up this year? I think it is, so that may already offer some cap relief).

If the guy Dumars got is willing to spend some money, this team may have a quick turnaround.

I have faith in Dumars. He's proven himself adept at drafting decnet talent with relativelty low picks (Okur, Maxiel, Amir, Stuckey- who I am luke warm on at best, but was a pretty talented guy for how low a pick he was- Prince), and he has picked up some great players in trades and via free agency (Dice, Billups, Hamilton).

His good moves far outweight the bad moves. Nobody likes rebuilding, especially whent he process is slowed by an ownership change, but now that Detroit has its new owner, I think Dumars should stay/be kept on board and see where the team's progress is at the end of next season.

04-09-2011, 09:39 PM
He should have been fired the moment he thought of signing Villanueva and Gordon to those contracts.