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04-08-2011, 11:20 AM

"Gloria James, the mother of Miami Heat superstar LeBron James and no stranger to headlines herself, was arrested at the Fontainebleau Hotel on Thursday, accused of slapping the face of a hotel valet who angered her after he delivered her car.

James, 43, who police said smelled strongly of alcohol, was charged with simple battery and disorderly intoxication after a physical confrontation that took place outside the front door of the oceanfront hotel about 4:30 a.m. and drew a crowd of onlookers.

"Ms. James was apparently intoxicated as she had bloodshot eyes and a strong odor of alcohol on her breath," police said in a statement.

Taken in a police car to the Miami Beach police station, James was released after signing what is called a "promise to appear" for a court hearing.

Asked for comment after Thursday's practice at AmericanAirlines Arena, LeBron James said he was not with his mother at the time.

"No, sir, I was at home," he said. "Tough game last night, I decided to get my rest."

The incident threatens to be a distraction just as James and the Heat prepare for the National Basketball Association playoffs, scheduled to start next week.

In remarks to reporters, the Heat forward described his mother's arrest as "a sensitive subject."

"It's a personal matter and it's being taken care of," he said. "It is my life and there's certain things you have to deal with. The people around me are helping me and are helping her and we'll be fine."

Known for her fiesty manner and shoot-from-the-lip personality, Gloria James gave birth to the NBA All-Star in Akron, Ohio, when she was just 16 years old. She is fiercely protective of her only child -- a muscled, 6-foot-8 star -- once threatening to come onto the court to take on Boston Celtic Paul Pierce after he fouled her son, then a Cavalier, in front of her seat during a 2008 game in Cleveland.

"Sit your [butt] down!" LeBron yelled at his mom."

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