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04-02-2011, 07:37 PM
Yeah i love the bulls and i love derrick rose. But coming as a fan of the NBA, as we have all seen, discussed, and argued about, it is almost clear that Rose is taking home the MVP this season. I have been searching the threads for the past couple of days, and have realized that since Derrick ****ing Rose has been in the discussion and the prominent winner, the MVP of the NBA has been completely dismantled. It's pretty great how we've gotten to the point of downplaying the MVP because Rose is the likely winner. If people on here were actualy basketball fans, they would start to understand the meaning of the MVP, realize Rose's reasons for being the MVP and stop bashing the award just because their favorite ****ing player wont win it.

Did anyone ever complain when Lebron won the MVP? No. No, they did not because "The King"" was deserving and people loved him. Now it seems as if everyone other than Heat fans hate Lebron. With that there has been plenty of people saying how they dont think he was worthy of the award anymore. That is completely ridiculous, because during the past 2 seasons, yes, Lebron James was the most valuable player in the NBA. How hard is it for people, especially Laker, Magic, Heat and Knicks fans to understand Rose's value and deservement of this award. What has happened to make people hate on Derrick Rose so much. What has caused idiots to start threads like - where is Rose ranked in MVP history, and then place him at last or second to last. The stats show it; his attitude and demeanor, on and off the court show it; his determination to win shows it; and his leadership shows it. This man is playing like the most valuable player in the NBA this year. How hard is it for people to accept this and grow up and stop pretending like he is not worth the acknowledgment he gets?

04-02-2011, 07:38 PM

Rose will be MVP, happy?

04-02-2011, 07:49 PM
We have a MVP thread. All 2010-2011 MVP talk, especially ones prompted without links, can go there. We have enough clutter as is.

I'd copy and paste your post into that thread...