View Full Version : Is Phil Jackson's Triangle Offense the Mark of the Illuminati?

03-18-2011, 06:52 PM
Look, we all know that the spectre of teh Illuminati hangs over everything
these days, and is an especial concern to NBA fans. Concern about whether Lebron James is an Illuminati (or illumi-naughty as I sometimes think of them) are absolutely rampant, and with good reason. Lebron has at times been photographed before a game touching his index fingers and thumbs together--making the sign of the triangle, which also has something to do with the Illuminati:


Question: Could Phil Jackson ACTUALLY be the NBA's high priest of the Illuminati? Could he be a part of this secret society that allegedly worships the light of enlightenment or knowledge, aka, conspiracy of badness?

Is it possible that every time we watch a Laker's game, the Laker offense is repeatedly making the sign of the triangle, appeasing and signalling to the Illuminatis and their unknown deities, who may be sitting in the audience or hovering in the spirit realms above the court?? IS THIS ACTUALLY POSSIBLE? And our "corporate" sports media talks endlessly about this so-called "triangle offense", laughing in the faces of middle America the whole time, and heralds Phil Jackson as "the greatest coach in all of history." The triangle offense should really be called the "illuminati" offense, and it should be clear to everybody that Phil Jackson is perhaps the greatest illuminati of our time, hiding in plain sight right in front of us, flaunting his gigantic Kobe-Shaq-Gasol post-up triangles every night. Also the more I look at Pau, the more I notice that he looks like a goat-beast.

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Now this is funny

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its tex winter's offense...

and no.

Atticus Finch
03-18-2011, 06:56 PM
No. Phil Jackson is a stone cutter. His seat it right next to Steve Guttenberg's

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its tex winter's offense...

and no.


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Can you get banned for threads like these? It is clearly meant to be disruptive.

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Not funny.

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Can you get banned for threads like these? It is clearly meant to be disruptive.

Thank you Buzz Killington.

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I really can't see how it's not

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Please leave this up.

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Explains Ron Artest not understanding it.

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then this means Kobe isn't Illuminati because he never follows the triangle offense :cool:

F*(&"Next Year"
03-18-2011, 07:19 PM
Yes it is. It's proven

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omfg r u serious?

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so tupac is alive..

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Finally someone sees the light

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