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03-13-2011, 08:34 PM
I have no news article so you dont have to take me seriously or not I just wanted to post this before it happened to show that I may have some credible inside sources in the NBA.

My friend just graduated with a college degree in Sports Management and is now working with one of the NBA professional teams.

I was talking to him about the Knicks needs to get a big man and I kept talking to him about Marc Gasol, Samuel Dalembert, and Dwight Howard and he told me a couple interesting rumors going around all the management offices in the nba. Wanted to see what you guys thought.

The Rumor is:

Memphis Grizzilies have been trying to stay mediocre to stockpile talent to push for a championship in the post kobe era. Their idea was that they would stockpile bigs around Marc Gasol to limit his production so they could retain him for cheaper on a long term deal. Thats why they aqcuired Zach Randolph and Hasheem Thabeet. At the time they acquired both they werent sure who was going to blossom but the main thing was that they didnt want them to blossom to quick so they added Zach Randolph, who was a known ball hog and blackhole. Staying entertaining and somewhat competitive for their fan base without revealing their true intentions. Same thing is going with O.J. Mayo and the abundance of guards on that team.

The wrench in their master plan is that the team jelled and became competitive although they tried to hinder the development for a while, thus creating their current situation. They traded Thabeet for pieces to make a playoff push and to clear cap space to keep both Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol.

Here is where it gets real interesting..... Marc Gasols Agent/People found out and started questioning Memphis management at the beginning of this season. Memphis denied it completely and that' why they are trying to make a playoff push this year. Marc Gasol has told his agent to start looking at teams that may want his services because he feels disrespected that Memphis would try and hold him back in a shrewd move to stockpile talent and start competing after Kobe retires.

He has talked to his brother about possibly joining forces in L.A. His teams he would like to be paired with is somewhat unique because he has listed the Orlando Magic as another destination playing alongside Dwight Howard. The knicks are on his list but not as high as I would have hoped.

From what I am hearing his list is as follows:


He knows he wont command max money because of the foolishness of the Memphis organization so if he is going to settle for less he wants to be in a better situation then Memphis.

When I was listening to this I had to wonder, do teams really do this? If you think they do, what other teams do you think do these type of personnel moves. Only team I can think of who stockpiles young talent is Minnesota and I think it worked for them. They are ready to be a real contender in a couple years.

What are all of your thoughts?

03-13-2011, 08:43 PM
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