View Full Version : CP3 Showed Why he is Still the Best PG in the NBA

03-13-2011, 01:02 AM
33 points
15 assists
7 rebounds
5 steals
2 turnovers
62% FG

He is so efficient and fills up every single category. He also plays great defense. There is no PG who can do the things he does and let alone as good as he does them.

Rose is a great talent but he is just not on CP3's Level. If you look at CP3's best years in 07-09 you would be surprised that he didn't win MVP.

03-13-2011, 01:06 AM
CP3 is a beast. Without a doubt he is the best PG.

03-13-2011, 01:08 AM
I couldn't agree with you more. CP3 is the best PG in the NBA. But we literally have an open thread, "Best PG in the NBA".

It belongs there. Thanks