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03-12-2011, 12:08 PM
Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the playoff voting for the PSD NBA Redraft. Every year we basketball fans enjoy taking part in a PSD game called the NBA redraft where over 60 users participate. The point of the redraft is to draft the best team possible and the obvious goal is to be crowned champion by the NBA forum. You will notice that the team name do not represent current NBA teams. The reason why we avoided this is because we wanted to avoid a bias that exists with current team names. For example, a team that had the Chicago Bulls team name would probably experience a higher volume of votes than let’s say the Memphis Grizzlies team simply because they have the larger fan base on PSD. As a result we got rid of that bias completely. Please take the time to review both teams, look at the depth chart and read the write ups to formalize your own opinion on which team would win a 7 game series. As far as injuries go, they will not be playing a factor in this Redraft though players that are continually hurt and have not had a healthy season in quite some time should be viewed as different players than what they once were (Yao, Oden, Roy etc). Thank you for voting and enjoy the match ups.

2) Las Vegas v. 7) Honolulu

Las Vegas has Home Court Advantage

Las Vegas Clubhouse (http://www.prosportsdaily.com/forums/showpost.php?p=16638312&postcount=28)
Honolulu Clubhouse (http://www.prosportsdaily.com/forums/showpost.php?p=16602096&postcount=15)

Las Vegas Depth Chart
PG: Ty Lawson / Derick Fisher
SG: Kevin Martin / Reggie Williams / Dahntay Jones
SF: Trevor Ariza / Mike Dunleavy Jr
PF: Tim Duncan / Jason Maxiell / Joe Smith
C: Tyson Chandler / Kwame Brown / Derrick Favors

Honolulu Depth Chart
PG-Deron Williams/Earl Boykins
SG-Marcus Thornton/Michael Redd/James Anderson
SF-Danny Granger/James Jones/James Anderson
PF-Antwan Jamison/Charlie Villanueva/Jordan Hill
C-Javale McGee/Anthony Tolliver/Jason Collins

Las Vegas Write Up

To start the playoffs we are matched up against Honolulu, which despite their #7 seed is a very talented team. We feel our defensive ability, along with our experience and talent will lead us to a series victory.

I am never one to go by the "><=" theory of rating teams and players, but here is our opinion on the breakdown.

PG: Ty Lawson vs Deron Williams = Deron Williams is an excellent player, probably top 10 in the league. He will give our team big problems, we don't doubt this. We are hoping Lawsons speed and quickness will help contain Williams and his ability to put pressure on Williams on the other end of the floor will help balance this matchup out. Regardless, a tough task is upon him.

SG: Kevin Martin vs Marcus Thornton = Thornton can score at a decent clip but couldn't get any PT with the Hornets because he couldn't defend anyone. In this matchup we feel we have a huge advantage because Martin has 3 inches on Thornton and is already one of the most talented scorers in the NBA. Kevin Martin currently has more offensive win shares than any other guard this year than only one Chris Paul. We don't imagine Thornton will be able to stop Martin from doing what he wants to do on offense. We see Martin getting to line way above his average of 8.3 free throw attemps per game and having a huge series.

SF: Trevor Ariza vs Danny Granger = Obviously Granger has the advantage in this matchup, he is the better scorer and one of the better scorers in the NBA. Ariza though will make him work for everything and can score himself to help even up the matchup. Granger only shoots 43% from the field and we believe Ariza can hold him to that, or even lower. So if Granger gets his 20 and it takes him 15-20 shots to get it, we'll be very happy.

PF: Tim Duncan vs Antawn Jamison = After Martin/Thornton, we feel this is our biggest advantage in the series. Neither Jamison or McGee have any shot at stopping Tim Duncan on the block. In the regular season his minutes have been limited because he hasn't needed to dominate but in the playoffs he'll be back to being our #1 option and we believe will absolutely dominate the middle.

C: Tyson Chandler vs Jamale McGee = Another position where we have a real advantage. McGee is like a poor mans version of Chandler. He is long and energetic and can block some shots but all too often gets caught with ticky tack fouls. Wizard fans are constantly frustrated with him being out of position on defense or not playing smart. On the other hand Tyson Chandler is arguably the best post defender in the NBA and along with Duncan will anchor an absolutely stout frontcourt defense. Add in the fact that Chandler will chip in 10+ PPG at least and we love this matchup.


This is where we feel we really break the series open. Not alot of teams can bring a veteran PG like Derek Fisher off the bench. He can still shoot 3's at a great % and would be a calming influence in the lineup if needed. With all the looks he could potentially get due to kickouts from Timmy or penetration from Kevin Martin he is always primed to contribute.

Reggie Williams and Mike Dunleavy Jr. are two high scoring G/F's who can light it up from the bench. Charlie Villanueva can get hot but is mostly inconsistent with his play. James Jones is their 2nd best bench scorer and can hit the 3 at a decent rate for but thats all he brings offensively.

Defensively off the bench we have two very good defenders in Kwame Brown and Jason Maxiell. Honolulu has two softer forwards in CV and Anthony Tolliver backing up their frontcourt and wouldnt be able to do much against our bigs defensively.

They drafted Michael Redd hoping he would come back before the playoffs and show he still has something left but he hasn't so I'm not counting him as a factor in this series. He hasn't been one in real life.

All in all we feel like we have the experience, defense and depth to win this series pretty comfortably. Honolulu put together a very good team and would be a good series, but one we feel we would take in 5-6 games. Good luck to them.

Honolulu Write Up

First of all, we’d like to congratulate Vegas on a great job in the redraft. They’ve made a very solid team.

PG-Deron Williams vs Ty Lawson.
Ty Lawson is a speedster. One of the fastest players in the NBA, but the thing that will always be brought up is the height. Ty is a tad under 5’11. He’s going up against one of the biggest PG’s Deron Williams who’s just under 6’4” and 210 lb. Ty is going to have an awfully tough time going past a big PG like Deron especially when Lawson’s specialty is driving past to the bucket. In the playoffs you’re going to need a PG that can distribute the ball to all options. Is Lawson that guy? He’s 50th in AST%, which is a percentage so don’t complain about the minutes. Even if you want to, he would be 46th in APG per 36. With guys like Martin and Duncan wanting the ball from him, in the post and perimeter can Lawson get rid of his selfishness and be a team player? That’s too much of a risk for vegas. Meanwhile, Deron Williams is often called the best point guard in the league. He’s 4th in those 2 categories AST% and APG per 36. He’s actually led the league in APG since the Nets trade. While Deron isn’t as great as Rose in scoring, or as great as Paul in distributing, or as great as Rondo in defense or as great as Chauncey in the clutch time, he is great at all those things which makes him probably the best all-around PG in the game. He’ll make Lawson and Fisher look silly with his passes, easily score in any way over Lawson, and play good defense on the smaller Lawson, and for sure on the offensive non factor Derek Fisher. This is a very lopsided victory for the Test Icicles.

Advantage-Honolulu by a good margin

SG-Kevin Martin vs Marcus Thornton
Now before people look at the names, go look how well Thornton has performed since being traded to Sacramento. He’s been averaging 21 ppg. This shouldn’t come as a surprise considering he’s been averaging 20 ppg per 36 before the trade, but it finally shows the non-believers his true scoring talent. Thornton gets his chance to go against Kevin Martin easily one of the worst defenders in the league. Thornton could have some big 20 point games in this series. Actually, last week Thornton and Martin went head to head. Thornton stopped Martin to 3-12 shooting. 25% from the field. So it’s already proven that Thornton can defend Martin. Now that being said, Martin is one of the most efficient scorers in the NBA and he will in all likelihood do better than that and end up with 20 points a game as well. Regardless this matchup is between 2 players who can light up the 3 ball and the scoreboard. Martin is the better scorer, while Thornton is the better defender. A 104 DRTG and 1+ dws in the amount of time he has played in decent, while Martin is just dreadful. I’ll give Martin the advantage but it’s much closer than people think.

Vegas wins by a slim margin

SF-Danny Granger vs Trevor Ariza
For one, I’m confused what Ariza’s role will be. Vegas says he will guard the bigger perimeter threat, but this team 1-4 is a perimeter threat, so who will Ariza guard? Also, they say Ariza will have his LA role, not his Houston/new Orleans role, but do they not realize that if he played equal amount of time on the Lakers, to the amount of time he plays on New Orleans, he would have taken more shots with the Lakers? Unless he means Ariza will play similar time as he did in LA as well which means more playing time for Dunleavy who is a much worse defender? Anyway he spins it, SF is a big loss for Vegas going up against Granger, one of the most underrated players in the league. Granger’s having a bit of a down year in points but his percentages stay the same, and his 3 point % has gone up. He is easily capable of putting up 25 ppg again. He’s also a very strong defender, never having less than 2 and a half win shares per season. If Martin goes on a hot streak or if Thornton needs a breather expect Granger to contain Martin, especially since Trevor Ariza is a complete non factor on offense. Actually, he HURTS his team more than helps with his -.05 offensive win shares the past 2 seasons. If Vegas wants him to go for the 3, let him have at it. He’s shooting under 30% this year, and 31% for his career. Regardless this is a clear victory for Honolulu

Honolulu wins

PF-Antwan Jamison-Tim Duncan
This is an interesting matchup. 2 very contrasting PF’s. Without a doubt Duncan is the better player here. It will be hard for either of them to matchup with the other. Javale McGee will be guarding Duncan mostly in the post. McGee is a very strong post defender and has 3 blocks per 36 leading the league. He’ll slow down Duncan. Tim is one of the best post defenders in history, but that does no good against Jamison. Jamison has a mid range game and is a perimeter threat. Duncan is getting older and slower as the years go one, people say he’s too slow for a PF, how will he guard someone who is more of a SF? Will Duncan be able to defend Jamison on the perimeter? Last year in 4 matchups with Duncan, Jamison averaged over 18 points including almost three 3’s a game for 53%. Duncan just isn’t fit enough to stop Jamison’s jump shot. His backup is Maxiell who won’t help either. Vegas wins here but mismatchups makes this matchup much closer than it really is

C-Javale McGee-Tyson Chandler
2 defensive, rebounding centers who don’t really have much else to do other than……well defend and rebound. Chandler is having a career season right now, but I have serious doubts he repeats it. The past couple years Chandler has been 6/6, 9/9 player, 10/10 in per 36 both years. McGee has 12 ppg and 11 rpg in per 36. Both are great post defenders. Chandler is probably a little better defender, while mcgee is a little better scorer. I’m just going to give this one a wash since they both know their role (rock reference) and do a damn good job at it.


Position wise it seems like a tie. They have a better backcourt bench while I have the better frontcourt bench. These 2 teams are close and the positional advantages of PG and SF with D-will and Granger going up against Lawson/Fisher and Ariza/Dunleavy.

Good luck to both teams

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03-12-2011, 12:33 PM
Let the voting begin.

Mile High Champ
03-12-2011, 12:49 PM
McGee and Chandler are even? I could not believe it when I read it. Chandler is arguably the runner up to defensive player of the year behind Dwight Howard.

03-12-2011, 12:49 PM
I like Honolulu's chances here but I'm gonna go with Vegas.

Duncan-Chandler was the deciding factor for my vote

03-12-2011, 01:00 PM
mcgee and chandler are not even.

03-12-2011, 01:08 PM

03-12-2011, 01:09 PM
You have to look more than one year. Chandler is playing well this year, but the last 2 seasons were **** compared to this year. McGee is a strong defensive player as well. Chandler is better on D, but he's pretty limited on offensive end so it equals out

Honolulu's backcourt makes Vegas look silly. 3's will be going down all day

John Walls Era
03-12-2011, 01:11 PM
Mcgee and CHandler are similar players; neither is going to carry the offensive load. IMO Chandler is better on D.

Mile High Champ
03-12-2011, 01:11 PM
You have to look more than one year. Chandler is playing well this year, but the last 2 seasons were **** compared to this year. McGee is a strong defensive player as well. Chandler is better on D, but he's pretty limited on offensive end so it equals out

Chandler was wasting away in Charlotte and being under utilized by one Larry Brown. Chandler has proven way before his small struggles with Charlotte that he is a great center. Plus McGee's block are mostly a product of help defense, he is certainly not a great one on one post defender by any means.

03-12-2011, 01:25 PM
I wish Honolulu would win, but they've got no chance.

Let's do this mhc

03-12-2011, 01:26 PM
Yes, but he's never had a season as good as this.

There is nothing to really defend against in the post so Chandler's defensive presence isn't going to mean much. My team plays on the perimeter and you have only one player that can match that, but he's playing his LA role

Funny how Vegas brings up the size difference with Martin and Thornton but completely ignores it with D-will and Lawson.

Thornton is average defender at best, but he's still MUCH MUCH better defender than Martin. Thornton stopped Martin to 3-12 last time. He's capable of defending Martin, but I doubt Martin can do much. Martin willscore mor

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03-12-2011, 01:47 PM
Yes, but he's never had a season as good as this.

What are you talking about? Chandler was unreal in 2006-07 and 2007-08. He actually had 10 win shares that 07-08 year so he has cleary proven he is as good as he has been this year before. Also It is worth noting that Chandler has the 4th best offensive rebounding % among all active players. Chandler would have a field day on offensive glass between Jamison and McGee.


Plus Chandler is having a great offensive year consdidering he is tops in the league in TS% & Offensive Rating (130).

Thornton is average defender at best, but he's still MUCH MUCH better defender than Martin. Thornton stopped Martin to 3-12 last time. He's capable of defending Martin, but I doubt Martin can do much. Martin willscore mor

Why do you keep bringing this up? For one that game was a blow out win for the Rockets in which Martin played 24 minutes to the 36 minutes of Thornton. Not really a good indicator of how good Thornton is when he did not even cover Martin the whole time he was on the court. It is also worth noting that in that same game you keep bringing up, Martin went 8/8 from the free thrown line in 24 minutes. Had he played the whole game he would of had 16 Free throw attempts.

I am sorry but Thornton is not going to stop Martin in a 7 game series.

03-12-2011, 03:42 PM
Who the **** is Derick Fisher? You mean DEREK Fisher?

03-12-2011, 05:15 PM
McGee and Chandler are even. Not even going to comment on that.

03-12-2011, 08:33 PM
I really think Honloulou should have been a higher seed. But I don't think they could handle Chandler/Duncan front court. MHC/BB in 6

Mile High Champ
03-12-2011, 09:15 PM
Looks like we are going to the 2nd round.

03-12-2011, 10:05 PM
Too Much Size in Vegas.