View Full Version : Do the 2011-2012 Blazers have '04 Pistons potential?

03-09-2011, 12:01 AM
Just a thought, in the first full year of the era of the super team, wouldn't it be great if a starless team won it all? Obviously it's unlikely, but I think if any team can do it, it'd be the Blazers. They play great defense, they have a great home court, Paul Allen's money makes it possible to fill any holes at the deadline without worrying about adding salary, all five of their starters, when healthy, are well above average (Wes, Roy, Wallace, Aldridge, Camby). If Oden comes back healthy (a big if), he could be a Ben Wallace type player for them. When healthy a ton of depth. The biggest thing though, is the health of Brandon Roy. I think if he's smart, he can adjust his game into a Chauncey Billups type, he's definitely a good enough passer to make the transition to point, and I think once he learns to rely on his head over his body he could be a lot like Billups. Obviously health is the biggest issue, but if they can stay healthy they remind me a lot of the '04 Pistons.