View Full Version : Duffy says harnessing fastball is key to making roster push

03-08-2011, 05:31 AM
Whatever angst gripped Royals lefty pitching prospect Danny Duffy a year ago, and prompted a soul-searching 10-week sabbatical from baseball, is long gone.

The only issue this spring is the irritation of not yet being able to get his fastball to bite downward in the strike zone.

ďThe command of my other two pitches is there already,Ē Duffy said. ďAnd thatís a blessing. My change-up is definitely there, and my curveball feels really good. Itís just the fastball, and itís going to come. It will.

ďItís frustrating right now that I canít get it down. I know I can. Itís just a matter of working on my fundamentals and getting down through every pitch.Ē

Duffy allowed two runs in three innings over his first two appearances despite surrendering just one hit ó a single. Four walks produced much of the damage.

ďI feel great,Ē he said, ďand thatís better than it was last year. Itís just a matter of cleaning up stuff. What usually happens is by the time I get to the season, I have everything down.

ďI still, obviously, have a lot to work on throughout the year, but thatís usually a matter of minor adjustments. Right now, I need to make a major adjustment to get through my pitches. Mainly, Iím talking about my fastball.Ē

Just 22, Duffy is generally viewed as the most advanced prospect among the Royalsí rich collection of starting pitchers.

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