View Full Version : Funniest thing about NBA Teams To Me

03-01-2011, 04:15 AM
how the NBA teams, they complain about star power...
when Lebron or Bosh headed to Miami to become contenders

or how Melo headed to NY to become contenders. or afraid deron williams was going to leave. Dwight, etc.
NBA players are basically doing what teams have been doing since trading was invented

so you telling me just because your a "star" you suppose to have some sort of loyalty stamp that other roleplayers dont?
guys nobody knows about or cares about gets traded off all the time to teams they don't want to. do they complain? no they go out and play basketball

if deron williams was averaging 5 pts and 3 assists you think Jazz would of been concern about him leaving... its plenty of guys that get toss around the league without they approval or say and we just sitback and dont say a word

but soon as mr .mvp lebron wants to leave "ahhh man he's a joke he should of stayed in cleveland".. what about when carlos boozer left cleveland where was the burning of his shirts... what about when cleveland waived Z a guy whos been there all his career nobody mention how messed up that was... cleveland just got rid of mo williams and sent him where ever they wanted to send him but yet nobody brings that up

chauncey wanted to remain in denver but yet they was willing to give him up but resign a guy like melo that wanted to leave? too me thats the most funniest part

03-01-2011, 04:29 AM
What's really stupid is that the team can trade whoever they want and do w/e they want, but they want to be able to control the players' decisions... Double-standard at its finest.

03-01-2011, 04:54 AM
what about when carlos boozer left cleveland where was the burning of his shirts
it was there,maybe not on national news.but they hated boozer when he left,hell they still do,ask any cav fan