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02-24-2011, 01:00 PM
The average player got maybe 10 or so years ....how long do a player wait until his front office put together a team around him to win? Does he say eff it and say hey these guys drafted me and i only have this short time at this age and wait or try to do wait you might want and maybe leave and win or fail on your terms?

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great 1st post

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I think that's why you're seeing so many guys in their prime take advantage of the opportunity and team up. Ppl don't realize how fast time flies by especially in professional sports. We have seen examples were being the man can come back and bite you. For many yrs KG was the man in Minnesota. He had that nice run when they brought over Cassell and Spree. The very next yr they missed the playoffs and in the following seasons declined as a team. KG became the forgotten man in Minn. He was dying to get out because the situation had ran it's course and when he got the chance to leave he did.

I'll never forget the words KG told Lebron during the FA fiasco which was if I knew then what I know now I would have left Minnesota when I had the chance.

02-24-2011, 01:35 PM
I think there comes a breaking point around 27-28 where a player must look at the direction his team is going and be honest with himself. He has another 2-4 years of his prime left. Another 7-8 for his career. If he really doesn't see a positive outlook for the franchise - beyond the best efforts he can put forth in terms of hard work and leadership. Then yes. For me that is about the earliest one should be asking those questions.

But, when it does come to that point...How can a player getting paid the maximum look himself in the mirror at the end of a losing season or failed playoff run and say he did all he could for his teams chances of winning. With rules imposed on franchises by the CBA, this game is as much about the dollars as the talent. In my mind if a player wants to leave his team to go play in a winning situation. Then he better put his money where his mouth is and take less. Course at the same time - If the team isn't putting the money up when the players are playing at a discount - that ain't right either.

I'm not a fan of players taking the easy way out at the age of 25. I find it distasteful. But, I've always preferred the struggle to the reward in these things. And, would rather be on a weaker team that pushes me to my limits to succeed than on a dominant team that doesn't have to 'bring it' every night.

Course after about 30 all bets are off. If a player is willing to take less for a chance at success. I'm all for it.

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you try to win. no matter what the situation your looking to win.

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02-24-2011, 02:40 PM
7yrs :)

I think thats enough time for a player to see where his team is going. If the future looks brought, then that play will stay; but if there is a better situation on another team, who are we to question that player.

(You already know lol GO HEAT :p)

02-24-2011, 02:47 PM
7 years is a long time look at Kobe he got upset at what was around him and trust me he was pushing for that trade to chi. Barkley wanted out of Philly and magic said himself I was not gonna come out of school unless the lakers picked him. Players want to be in the best situation they do not want to waste years in on a team trying to find it's way. But I see teams want the star to stay no matter what it a tough situation.

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Jeez, did you read some of the comments under the video?

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Jeez, did you read some of the comments under the video?

I had to go back and read some after you mentioned it. Damn, some crazy hating ish.