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D Roses Bulls
02-23-2011, 08:24 PM
1 (1) Spurs 46-10 The Spurs are a healthy six games up on the rest of the West after the Rodeo Road Trip, are still healthier than any contender and just watched another star leave the conference to go East. Must be an odd year.

2 (2) Mavericks 40-16 One L in 14 games, by one point, has them back to No. 2 in the West over L.A. despite that 2-7 funk without Dirk. We repeat: With Roddy back, Barea scalding and Caron talking playoff comeback, do they even need a deal?

3 (6) Bulls 38-16 This is the fifth-best team in Bulls history in terms of win percentage at the All-Star break ... and the other four had MJ. Factor in all the injuries and I don't quite get how D-Rose's MVP-worthiness can even be disputed.

4 (4) Celtics 40-14 The Celts are one of just three teams in the last 35 years to send four players to one All-Star Game. Which is another way of saying they'll find a way to cope even if they lack the trade assets needed to land Battier.

5 (5) Heat 41-15 LeBron's 29 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists Sunday night add up to just the second triple-double in All-Star Game history. And just like Mike in '97, it wasn't enough to deliver an All-Star Game MVP trophy. Tough crowd.

6 (7) Magic 36-21 No. 4 in the East, bizarrely, might be where you want to be now if you're Orlando. Forget Boston in Round 2. It'd also likely mean an Atlanta team they know well in Round 1 as opposed to those new wild cards from MSG.

7 (3) Lakers 38-19 The concern is not that Kobe played too hard and burned up more precious fuel Sunday night. The concern is that he went so hard after the All-Star MVP nod because he secretly fears it's the only trophy he can win.

8 (8) Thunder 35-19 Not the sauciest topic to hit here, but surely worth a mention: Only two teams in history (Boston in '89-90 at 83.2 percent and Dallas in '02-03 at 82.9 percent) have been better at the FT line than this OKC team (82.7).

9 (11) Trail Blazers 32-24 Will be easier to gauge the Blazers' stretch-run prospects after Thursday's deadline, since they'll almost certainly have some new blood by then. They think Aldridge has taken a legit step and they want to make a trade splash.

10 (9) Grizzlies 31-26 Since I've been as high on the Griz as anyone lately -- at least before Gay's shoulder matter -- I feel I can just be honest and admit it: In my head this week, I see Roddick's match-point dive for the ages when I hear Memphis.

11 (13) Nuggets 32-25 Melo leaves Denver as its third all-time leading scorer, with seven straight playoff appearances but only one beyond the first round ... and with everything he was dreaming of: NYC, MSG and that $65 million extension.

12 (15) Hawks 34-21 Vibe I get is that the Hawks' interest in a deal for Devin Harris has been overstated. So if the fans' dream of an upgrade at point guard is forthcoming, chances are it'll have to be someone else. Ramon Sessions?

13 (14) Suns 27-27 See Nash's line about how he snubbed the All-Star Game? Channing Frye, meanwhile, didn't even want an All-Star break; 55 points against Dallas and Utah last week marked the biggest two-game outburst of Frye's career.

14 (10) Hornets 33-25 The Hornets' roller-coaster season is clearly in one of those steep-dip cycles. They've lost six of seven without defensive anchor Okafor and CP3 really could have used a weekend off after dragging wearily into the break.

15 (19) Knicks 28-26 The wait is over! The Knicks had a winning record at the break for the first time since 2000-01. The other wait's over, too. Breaking up a team barely holding off Philly for the No. 6 seed to lock up Melo now? Had to do it.

16 (12) 76ers 27-29 At 6-3 in February, Philly needs only one more win in the next week to clinch its third successive winning month. Which hasn't happened since the 2000-01 dream season, when the Sixers went to the Finals and AI was MVP.

17 (17) Warriors 26-29 No one out West has more road games left, but the Dubs also have 10 more wins than they did at this point last season, which trails only San Antonio (14), New Jersey (12) and Miami (12). In other words? They'll take it.

18 (16) Pacers 24-30 OK, OK: Maybe it's not the catchiest nickname. But Indy 100, if nothing else, is an appropriate capsule of the first 10 games of Vogel's tenure ... since the Pacers have cracked triple digits in every single one of them.

19 (18) Rockets 26-31 The Rockets dreamed of being the team that found a way to concoct a trade for Melo. They had to settle for the very unsatisfying consolation prize of sending Melo to his final loss as a Nugget. On Valentine's Day.

20 (20) Jazz 31-26 Jazz fans will surely be shellshocked at the next home game Monday night when Boston's in town, with neither Sloan nor D-Will in the building, but they have to applaud their team's proactivity. Absolutely have to.

21 (21) Bobcats 25-32 The vibe was so upbeat before the break when all the focus was on Michael Jordan at practice. Now? The prodigal Bobcat and their only All-Star ever -- Gerald Wallace -- is being shopped at the deadline. Without success.

22 (23) Bucks 21-34 Would love to claim that Redd's return can change everything. Well aware that only our stubborn devotion to lefties would lead us to claim that these Bucks have a 22-9 surge in store like they did after last season's break.

23 (22) Pistons 21-37 The Pistons have convinced pretty much everyone around the league that they're serious about keeping Tayshaun Prince. The problem? Finding a taker for Rip Hamilton was their far bigger goal of Trade Deadline Week.

24 (24) Clippers 21-35 Good spot by ESPN The Magazine's Molly Knight: Blake Griffin has about 208,000 followers on Twitter. The Clippers' team feed has about 28,000 followers. Sounds like an appropriate representation of the situation.

25 (27) Wizards 15-39 Can't quite co-sign on the jokes about the Wiz absorbing yet another road L when L.A.'s own Blake Griffin won the dunk contest over McGee. Not when Wall, instead of sharing it with Cousins, got solo MVP love in the rook game.

26 (25) Timberwolves 13-43 Two points and four boards in his All-Star bow didn't count. Kevin Love's run of 42 consecutive double-doubles continues, just eight shy of the longest such streak (Moses Malone's 50) since the NBA/ABA merger in '76-77.

27 (28) Nets 17-40 When the Nets made their back-to-back Finals trips, they were led by a franchise guy with a long-term contract. After last summer's strikeouts and the Melo tease, Prokhorov needs to find a trade for his own Jason Kidd.

28 (26) Kings 13-40 The only deadline that matters in Sactown, whether or not a trade is in store, is seven days away. That's the March 1 buzzer for the Kings to apply for relocation to Anaheim if they want to move in time for next season.

29 (30) Cavaliers 10-46 Now you know why Hollinger calls these the "human" rankings. The professor's heartless computer will never forget a 55-point loss or 26 L's in a row. Us? Just could not keep the Cavs at No. 30 after what they did to L.A.

30 (29) Raptors 15-41 Is Canada big enough for two Italian forwards who don't do much board work? You needn't ponder that one too deeply. Latest word is that Gallinari isn't available and that the Raps are not so hot to pair him with Bargnani.


02-23-2011, 08:27 PM
Mavs at #2!!!! :)

02-23-2011, 08:27 PM
lonely at the top

02-23-2011, 08:28 PM
nice! Bulls at 3! Mustve been that win against the Spurs

D Roses Bulls
02-23-2011, 08:29 PM
I was happy to see the bulls as 3 as well :)

Chi StateOfMind
02-23-2011, 08:34 PM
finally bulls getting love they deserve it and now noah back lets go.....go get a sg

02-23-2011, 09:10 PM
We really don't deserve 3 to be honest but, I will take it. I would be fine if they had us behind Miami and Boston but, I'm not blown away they ranked us ahead. At the end of the day though these are just rankings and that is it.

02-23-2011, 09:14 PM
Terrible at the top.

02-23-2011, 09:15 PM
Bulls ahead of the C's? not. Bulls can be debated for #4 with Miami but to say they are better than the #1 seed in the east is crazy.

Cubs Win
02-23-2011, 09:20 PM
I can agree with these. :)

02-23-2011, 09:22 PM
Bulls and Magic a little too high imo

02-23-2011, 09:25 PM
number 3 now! yah boy!

02-23-2011, 09:53 PM
Regarding Kobe:

The concern is that he went so hard after the All-Star MVP nod because he secretly fears it's the only trophy he can win.


02-23-2011, 09:55 PM
Regarding Kobe:


Wow. This guy is incredible.