View Full Version : Walsh V Thomas?

02-22-2011, 08:52 PM
NY brought in Walsh to clean up the mess Thomas made, and even though nobody else in the league would touch Thomas as the mess he left NY in, and even after Walsh made all the right moves to keep a decent roster in tact, whilst hanging on to a horrible contract in Curry, and clear cap space to chase after LBJ and eventually pick up Amare, turing the team into a playoff contender after a decade of horrible basketball. But Donlan, who sought to bring Thomas back as a scout, seemed to lose faith in Walsh's abilities, taking over talks himself and giving even MORE than was initially on the table.

So, judging from the fact that Dolan sidestepped Walsh, and his friendly and forgiving nature of Thomas, does it look like Walsh may be rewarded for his shrewd and effective abilities as a GM with a pink slip while Dolan, who has seemed to lose faith in Walsh's talent, give Thomas a job offer?

It seems odd that a guy like Dolan would just go around his own GM, ignore his advice, and then gut the roster Walsh spent the last couple years putting together. If I was Walsh I would just resign and look for another job.

Anybody else find this whole situation odd?