View Full Version : Carmelo Boycott

02-18-2011, 03:53 PM
I haven't really commented much on the whole Carmelo thing since it's began. Primarily because I don't care much about the drama. I will admit I commented once or twice after the news broke that he might be coming to my team (LA), but even then I didn't get too involved. I just got a text from ESPN saying that he has "no meeting scheduled at all" with Nets. This- just after the news broke that the Nets & Nugs have reached a preliminary deal.

I am done with this. It's stupid & rediculous and there are too many posters on PSD wasting their effing time and wasting forum space on these speculative threads. Please join me in boycotting any Carmelo talk until something is finalized and set in stone. I realize not everyone will shut up about this ****, but if I can get a few people around here to stop fueling the fire I might not hang myself next time I log on to PSD!!! Every time ESPN breaks something there are 20 new threads- get a clue guys, no one knows anything and these are BS news stories. No one knows WTF is going on in Melo's mind so quit guessing at it. Only reason ESPN keeps trying to manufacture news is because it kills them that they don't know anything or have any real news to break.