View Full Version : Collective Bargaining: A League Divided

02-09-2011, 07:23 AM
I want to apologize before hand if there's already a thread about the new CBA, I missed it if there is one. I usually stay in the Orlando Threads, and don't venture out too much :)

But with half the season in the books and a lot of teams already looking on to the off-season, I wanted to get everyone's thoughts on the current CBA state, and what, if any, improvements need to be done?

A few of us back in The Magic forum have been throwing around The Franchise Tag idea a little bit, and I've also read a handful of articles where 'experts' go over though pros and cons of it.

Now maybe this is just coming from a fan who's been burned already by a superstar leaving and possibly another one from leaving, but I'm all for a F-Tag, as long as it helps balance out the power through out the league, and helps smaller markets (Cleveland, Toronto, Minnesota, Orlando, etc) from being basically farm teams to New York, LA, Boston, etc.

Maybe I'm thinking about this too narrowmindedly, but that's why I'm bringing to the NBA page, I want everyone's opinion on it, big market fans, small market fans, everyone.