View Full Version : Why Doesn't The NBA Remove Ineligible Players From All-Star Voting?

02-02-2011, 08:28 AM
Back when Alonzo Mourning was playing for the Heat and battling kindey issues that sidelined him for over an entire season, the NBA left his name on the All-Star ballot, despite the fact that he was going to be out all season (and at that point might not have even returned to play). Last year, McGrady was almost voted on, despite the fact he was injured and/or not playing, and not this year Yao Ming has been voted on as a starter even though he only played 5 games and scored only 51 points all season!

If the league knows a player will be out all season, why do they leave them on the ballot? Let the guys who can play play, instead watching fans vote somebody on who isn't even able to play.