View Full Version : NBA taking over the New Orleans Hornets

12-08-2010, 10:54 AM
If the Nba takes over the hornets isnt that a case of dubble interest?

In the buinessworld this would be like the gouvernment taking over 1 of the 30 companies producing the same product. that case would end up in the courtroom and penalties would be handed out or the whole thing could be terminated.

To come back to the point, if Mr. Stern takes over the hornets, wouldnt he be tempted to make them pofitable for say 1 year so he can make the money that he wants so badly?

Lets say the hornets, now 13-7, win the Nba Championship, with a little help from Sterns umpa lumpa friends (the refs). you can win a championship with the refs on your side, they just call a few t's and flag fouls and its over.

i dont get why other teams are doing nothing against it. Im hearing no ill word whatsoever, no columnist nothing.

what do you guys think of it?