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I think lejams is a grate player and i am sure the half of his top 10 career boomshakalas havent happen yet. however, he has done a number of controversial things (classless arguable) throughout his career. I will not get into them because i am pretty hungry and I want to go eat rite now -probably ihop pancakes - so i will make this short.

lejams walking up to the cavs bench and chatting w them was perhaps the meanest thing hes don in his career (including the decision). by talking to cavs bench he was basically saying to home crowd, "hey whats up cleveland, i knoe ur best player in town rite now is probably shin soo-choo - which half of u cant even pronounce - but i am going to walk n talk to ur home team, the one i left, and prove to u that they nor i care about what u think."

and i think this says a lot about new epoch of bball that is at the cusp, no competition. this has been discussed before, but i think it has not been emphasized how darastic these changes are coming.

idk y players arent as competetive as they used to be, but my theory is technolohgy. i remember marv "keep ur daughters away from my dirty hands" albert saying boobs gibson and lejams text almos every day. texting didnt exist until early 2000s, so players could only keep in contact w peple by phone, and they didnt have them all saved in their phones. w twiiter, social networking, texting, youtube, the distance has shortened between pepple living in the world. the word "stranger" is an endangered concept. its easier to dislike and hate people u dont know and not care about them. even in war, soldiers dont want to know names of enemies because they will realize they r just like them and will make it harder for them to go onto battlefield and destroy each other. lejams and boobs gibson wouldnt call and talk on phone everyday, texting is much easier. and its easier to maintain friendships. i think sports is turning more and more into WWE, where everything is theatrics just trying to fool fans.

do u think im right? if not what has changed competition from ruff to pansy? i will go eat pancakes rite now and come back to discuss this w u guys later.

p.s. please stay on topic or mods will giv me another infraction.

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I dont even know how to respond to this........

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Lmao :clap:

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can anyone translate?

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can anyone translate?

yes please, someone? can we get that guy who did the voice overs in the movie look whos talking? maybe he can translate

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why is this not considered as spam?

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Soo...you think texting caused Lebron to go up to the CLE bench and start talking with them?

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If only I could understand the language your writing in.

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For once in my life I gotta agree with your facepalm.


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Even Google Translate isn't helping.

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these are one of those moments I wish I spoke ******.

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Even Google Translate isn't helping.

Interesting. Which language option did you choose?

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I agree 100%. I think this is ridiculous!

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Ohhhhhhhhhh so thats what it means :rolleyes:

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I figured it out! He's speaking in Chinese!

我认为lejams是炉排的球员,我相信他的职业生涯前10 boomshakalas havent一半尚未发生。不过,他做了有争议的事情在他的职业生涯(无阶级有争议)的数量。我不会进入他 们,因为我饿极了,我想现在去吃饭仪式,可能IHOP的煎饼 - 所以我必使这短。

lejams走过来的骑士板凳上聊天瓦特他们也许是最卑鄙的事情不要在他的职业生涯住户开支统计调查(包括 决定)。骑士板凳的交谈中,他基本上是向家乡父老说,注册克利夫兰嘿看看,我在城里仪式knoe乌尔现在 可能是最好的球员申洙噗 - 其中一半甚至不能发音的U - 但我将走乌尔主队交谈,一个我离开了,并证明他们也不到U我想什么贱。

我认为这说明了他们是新时代的bball,在风口浪尖时,没有很多竞争。这已被讨论过,但我认为它没有被强 调了darastic这些变化即将来临。

idk 作为球员的arent竞技,因为他们曾经是,但我的理论是technolohgy。我记得马文肮脏的手 不让我走乌尔女儿阿尔贝说,胸部吉布森和lejams文本almos每一天。短信didn't存在,直到 21世纪初,让玩家只能保持接触瓦特peple通过电话,他们都在他们身上没了自己的手机保存。瓦特twi iter,社会网络,短信,YouTube上,之间的距离缩短在世界佩普尔生活。单词陌生人是濒危的概 念。它更容易厌恶和仇恨的人不知道,不关心他们。即使在战争中,士兵们不想知道敌人的名字,因为他们会认 识到他们和他们一样R和将使它更难他们走上战场并摧毁对方。 lejams和胸部吉布森wouldnt电话和手机通话每天发短信容易得多。其易于维护和友谊。我认为体育 越来越成为癫痫,这里的一切是戏剧只是试图愚弄球迷转向。

做u想我吧?如果没有什么事情改变了竞争拉夫到潘西?我会去的仪式现在吃煎饼,回来后讨论这个 家伙吴。


Makes a lot more sense now :D

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why is this not considered as spam?

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This thread is neither. He's not selling anything. He's not selling the food product either.