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11-20-2010, 01:22 AM
kind of piggy backing my reply to the other thread here.

upton is a tru 5 tool player, where he is advanced over rasmus is on the bases, and well has a rocket arm. also is a natural CF so he could step in there. his contract doesnt kick into real big dollars for a few more years, when we will be able to add payroll(stadium debt i read will be handled by 2012---the lease)

rasmus is a lefty and this cardinals every day position players are right handed heavy as it is.

so if it means keeping albert, and albert has a legit problem with colby(even though tony said rasmus asked for the trade, not colby) then you might have to move him. you cant let a player run the team, but i would call albert if i were MO and throw out 22-25 per year and mention this trade(if its real) to see if he would sign a new deal at that price. plus money would be defered.

im just looking long term and to me it fits, payroll will be opening up, you have to resing waino, but miller and martinez should be up in the rotation by 2012-2013, plus garcia. so not a lot of money tied up in the rotation, and a strong rotation at that.

2013 money predictions

albert-30 mil (max guess i dont think it will be that high, also likely money defered)
holliday- 17 mil (defered as well, thats jsut the avg number per year)
upton-(i read) 9.5
waino- (guess, and it may be high or low)15 mil
molina-5-6 mil, love his defense and pitch calling, but come on, you cant get to high on a 1 way player. (but he is clutch most of the time, just not a true bat)

so thats 61.5 tied up, on (assuming) a payroll of 110-115 mil since by all accounts moey will be more available. unless these kids in the pen become superstars, were not looking at big arb dollars there either. then in a few years later hollidays deal is up, likely alberts as well, i dont see much more than 6 years guaranteed, with 1 or 2 years as option years, IMO. plus a guy like upton would be hitting his "prime" years at 27/28 so we would still have that young core player locked up.

11-20-2010, 02:52 AM
Great thread!

11-20-2010, 03:18 AM
Wait so you think the Dbacks would do Upton for Rasmus straight up...?