View Full Version : First and Second options, how do you evaluate them?

11-13-2010, 06:17 PM
when looking for the better player how do you factor in their team status? (first,second or third option) and do you look at a second options efficiency ratings to be a little skewed and, not discredit but have little bit of a skewed opinion towards it.

this is not a "whose better than who debate" so please don't make it that..

For example, in my honest and I hope I don't get trashed for this but when it comes to Pau having a chance to win the mvp award I kind of raise my eyebrow. Yes, i know he's been very efficient but not as a number one guy.

It's kind of like mj having an off year in the 90's and Pip was terribly efficient and picked his spots well and had a more efficient year. is he the mvp of the league? or his team for that year? do you hand him the mvp trophy over a guy that's a number one option with similar stats but a little less efficient?

I just think there is a fine line when evaluating two players that look similar stat wise but have different roles on their teams. do you discredit the guy that's the second option for having a better player on his team? On the other hand do you discredit the guy that's a tad less efficient because of all the things that goes along with being the man?

please try and respond without baiting and give me an honest unbiased opinion. Bringing up pau was just for an example btw.