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11-12-2010, 04:57 PM
Every once in a while, PSD holds an NBA All-Time ReDraft. Players that were eligible to be drafted must have played in the 1980-1981 season or beyond. The intention of this rule was to ensure that PSD community had better knowledge of the players being drafted and voted on. Please take the time to look over the players and the teams and vote for the better squad. We thank you for your time as your votes are important to determining an NBA All Time ReDraft champion.

This Eastern Conference Finals match-up features the second seeded Golden State Warriors versus the 4th seeded LA Lakers. The Golden State Warriors have homecourt advantage.

Please evaluate each player based on how well they played in their prime; injuries have no bearing on this game what so ever. Most of the GM’s have taken the time to create a clubhouse with stats for their player which is based on each player’s best three consecutive seasons.

Warriors Depth Chart:

PG: Allen Iverson/Otis Birdsong/John Paxson
SG: Reggie Theus/Jeff Malone
SF: Ron Artest/Jim Paxson
PF: Horace Grant/Terry Cummings
C: Shaquille O'Neal/Dale Davis/Raef LaFrentz

Lakers Depth Chart:

PG:Sam Cassell
SG:Dwyane Wade
SF: Eddie Jones
PF:Pau Gasol
C: Alonzo Mourning

PG: Nick Van Exel
SG: Rick Fox
6th MAN [SF]:Jamal Mashburn
G: Kenny Smith
PF: Zach Randolph
C: Jamaal Magloire
C: Marc Gasol

Warriors Write Up

Front Court:

The center matchup is one of the most interesting position matchups of the series. The Warriors showcase Shaquille O'Neal, and the Lakers counter with Alonzo Mourning. Alonzo brings great defense. Shaq will always have the weight advantage over any center that he faces. Being a 28ppg scorer, Shaq will be able to score and cause Alonzo to pick up fouls. If Mourning is in foul trouble, Shaq will have his way in the paint with no one to stop him. Shaq went up against Mourning and Shaq threw down 46/20/3 on Alonzo in a game the Magic won in OT. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wuKIpayGWgY

At power forward, we have Horace Grant vs. Pau Gasol. Grant is known for his defense, which can be seen from him being on the All NBA Defensive 2nd Team for four years in a row. Pau is one of the most skilled big men ever, but Grant should be able to disrupt Gasol's game. Grant will be depended on to pull down rebounds as well.

The small forward matchup is between Ron Artest and Eddie Jones. Artest will shut down Jones in this series using his exceptional defense. Jones is just a scorer, but in this series he will be ineffective. The former defensive player of the year can also score, seeing he has a 20ppg average if needed. Artest will also guard Wade at times depending on how the series progresses.

Back Court:

At shooting guard, the Warriors boast Reggie Theus and the Lakers have Dwyane Wade. Wade is obviously their go to player. He will always get his touches and share of points. The key stat line for Theus is his 8.8apg average. He will cause Wade to be on the lookout on defense because Theus is a skilled shooting guard. Theus also has the height advantage on Wade, so he will post up on Wade over the course of the series.

At point guard, it is Allen Iverson going up against Sam Cassell. This is where I feel the Warriors win the series. Although Cassell is a good passing point guard, Iverson is just too quick off the dribble for Cassell to defend by himself. The former scoring champ will be relied upon to do the bulk of the scoring in this series with Shaq. Iverson will also play the passing lanes, getting steals, which leads to fast break opportunities. In the video, Iverson torched the Bucks team which had Cassell. He went off for 46 points, hitting nine three pointers at one point. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kayoLtEzf4o


The difference between the Warriors bench and the Lakers bench is the fact that the Lakers have mostly scorers. They only have one ball to share, and not enough defenders coming off their bench. The Warriors have a good mix of offense with Paxson, Malone and Cummings as well as defense with Davis, LaFrentz, and Birdsong. The Warriors bench compliments their starters better as well.

In the end, this will be a very close series going down to game 7. The Warriors will advance in this hard fought series because they have the better defensive squad as well as a more balanced attack. The Lakers have many big name players that need the ball in their hands in order to be effective. With Iverson scoring at will and Artest shutting Wade down, the Warriors will advance to the NBA Finals.

Lakers Write Up

PG: Sam Cassell vs. Allen Iverson

It's clear that AI has the advantage here. But don't sleep on Cassell, he'll make AI work on the other end as well. In his prime, he was a solid defender, 20/7 assists per game and a good 3 point shooter. He'll get plenty of open looks from 3 with Wade and Pau holding it down on their ends.

SG: Dwyane Wade vs. Reggie Theus

This isn't close.

SF: Eddie Jones vs. Ron Artest

Like Cassell, Jones is another spot up 3 point shooter that is a very good defender as well. This match-up would be fun to watch. Both are defensive minded but Jones was more complete offensively.

PF: Pau Gasol vs. Horace Grant

Horace Grant has won all defensive 2nd team award 4 times but he hasn't played against a player like Gasol, who has a complete arsenal of offensive moves. Pau is the perfect number 2 option to have who steps it up big come playoffs and clutch moments. On the other end, Gasol could sag off more and help Zo w/Shaq since Grant wasn't much of a threat offensively.

C: Zo vs. Shaq
Shaq was a force in his prime, plain and simple. But Zo is a very good defender and shot blocker and will give Shaq his fits. He won't score over 28 a game in a 7 game series against Zo -- DPOY winner x2. You also can sleep on Zo offensively. He averaged 20 PPG in his prime .. he'll make Shaq work on both ends.


I think a lot of voters have overlooked my bench through these playoffs. Jammal Mashburn would be a great 6th man averaging 20/6/5 in his prime. Randolph is solid offensively and was a good rebounder. Fox provides defense and tenacity off the bench, Van Exel and Kenny Smith provides good 3 point shooting and passing and Gasol/Magloire will play sparingly, only when Shaq is not on the floor but those two are very capable big men who rebound/defend and score on occasion.

Lakers in 7 in a hard fought series. Congrats to phlp_bj for building one hell of a team

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11-12-2010, 05:02 PM
Should be a great series.

11-12-2010, 06:02 PM
ya it'll definitely go down to game 7 if this was real life

11-12-2010, 06:15 PM
KoB, why did you vote as a GM?

11-12-2010, 06:30 PM
Misclick. Put me down for the Warriors. Iverson would have a field day on Cassell.

11-12-2010, 06:40 PM
Too much firepower in that starting lineup for the Warriors. Only problem I have with them is Ron Artest in his prime. He was a nutcase and forced a ton of ill-advised shots. But Shaq is just too much to handle and Horace Grant next to him on defense will keep Shaq out of foul trouble.

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11-14-2010, 02:25 PM
Warriors take this one

11-15-2010, 06:23 PM
congrats to x for making it this far