View Full Version : Need 1 owner for cbs keeper league going on year #3

11-08-2010, 04:06 PM
Im looking for 1 new Owner for my 12 man keeper league i run on CBS we are going on year #3. its only 20$ per person 1ST place and 2nd get winnings. I had to kick some players out for not paying and lack of participation. If you love baseball and want in please let me know this is to take over a existing team for 2011 season. the season over now, so if u want to start trading you can do so to get ready for the new season. we draft minors as well. i am posting the league format looking forward to hearing from you.

I only need one owner for the #1 PICK OVERALL every round. The draft does not snake.
You will be able to keep a total of 18 MLB players you can keep all AAA players

team roster:
Napoli, Mike C ANA
Butler, Billy 1B KC
Weeks, Rickie 2B MIL
Viciedo, Dayan 3B CHW
Andrus, Elvis SS TEX
Hunter, Torii CF ANA
Ibanez, Raul LF PHI
Quentin, Carlos LF CHW
Gomes, Jonny LF CIN
Prado, Martin 2B ATL
Roberts, Brian 2B BAL
Suzuki, Kurt C OAK
Lopez, Jose 2B SEA
Escobar, Yunel SS TOR
Jackson, Austin CF DET
Rodriguez, Sean 2B TB
Morales, Kendry 1B ANA
Sizemore, Grady CF CLE

Cueto, Johnny SP CIN
Danks, John SP CHW
Hudson, Daniel SP ARI
Lilly, Ted SP LA
Sanchez, Jonathan SP SF
Slowey, Kevin SP MIN
Wood, Travis SP CIN

Soria, Joakim RP KC
Soriano, Rafael RP TB

AAA players:
Liddi, Alex 3B SEA
Trout, Mike CF ANA
Jennings, Desmond CF TB
Mitchell, Jared CF CHW
Danks, Jordan CF CHW
Flowers, Tyler C CHW
James, Chad SP FLA
Montgomery, Michael SP KC
White, Alex SP CLE

Constitution: 12 teams
Two divisions

Roster specifications ---
C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF, OF, OF, DH, Util, Util, Util, SP, SP, SP, SP, SP, RP, RP,
+ 6 bench spots
+ Max of 12 Minor League Players on your roster.
+ 2 players maximum are allowed to be on the injured list, and will not count against your active roster.

There will be SIX playoff teams. The division winners and 4 wild card teams. The division winners will receive a first week bye. The playoffs will take a total of 3 weeks,

Keepers ---
Non Playoff Teams will be able to keep a total of 18 players.
3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th places will be able to keep 16 players.
2nd place will be able to keep 15 players.
The Champion will be able to keep 13 players.
Prospects "Minors AAA" will not count against your big league keepers if they are not on a Major League roster at the end of the season.

After the trading deadline keepers lock for next season. if u drop a player you loose that player for keeper status
if you pick up a player off wavers you cant list him as a keeper.
only the player on your current roster at the trading deadline