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10-26-2010, 06:45 AM
The season is starting tonight and Im sure you have a lot of unpopular opinions/predictions about the teams and players.

Here are mine:

Kobe will have injuries all year long and will not be in the MVP discussion
Blake Griffin will make the all-star and end up top 10 in MVP discussion
Nuggets will NOT make the playoffs
Hornets will start badly and CP3 will be gone
Greg Oden will play 60+ games
Mavs will fail again in the playoffs
Thunder will make the NBA finals
Brandon Jennings will chuck all year long
Wizards make the East playoffs
Raptors are the worst team 15- wins
Warriors will suck again, Ellis gets traded
Evans will improve even more like Durant did

So whats your predictions
Remember this is for fun i say UNPOPULAR so dont hate and dont start fighting!

10-26-2010, 06:58 AM
Lebron will prove everyone wrong win a championship and bring home the MVP award
Blake Griffin will re injure his knee and prove he's the next Greg Oden
Greg Oden will play 60+ games and the Blazers will resign him for a big contract (big for the new negotiating contracts)
Tyreke will be in the top 5 for MVP votes
DMC will win Rookie of the year
Kobe plays the regular season and misses the playoffs with a blown out knee and the Lakers will lose in the 2nd round
Steve Nash demands a trade
KG Allen and Peirce will all retire
The Cavs owner writes another hate letter after the heat win a championship

10-26-2010, 07:03 AM
dwayne wade wins the mvp
heat sign michael jordan and have to unretire his jersey
cavs make the playoffs
mavericks win the west
knicks finish bottom of the league

10-26-2010, 07:51 AM
Lebron gets into fight with Wade & Bosh because He walks into the locker room at the opening night game Vrs Boston To see Wade And Bosh with His mother as a pig on a spit with his two team mates, and the rest of the team oiling up for there turn.. he later turns up to Wades house pulls out his glock and pops Wade in the Kneecap

10-26-2010, 08:08 AM
Hornets go to WCF, impress CP3 and he don't get traded
Melo stays in the West, and heads to NOLA
Kevin Durant = MVP
Suns don't make playoffs, Nash traded
Pacers get 1st Pick in NBA Draft 11
Kobe, Yao, Wade, STAT get injured
John Wall = ROY

10-26-2010, 08:09 AM
i think the pistons will be the 6th seed in the east, only bold prediction

i know its off topic, but would appreciate if someone could help me out

for fantasy basketball on espn, when do the rosters have to be set for the next day of games? just prior to tip-off or the day before.
i was just wondering because i have some bench players playing tmw and starters not playing for 2 more days. dont wanna take out the better player if i will miss out on their stats though.
thanks for any help

10-26-2010, 08:14 AM
The Warriors will make the postseason
Yao will end up playing more than 24 mpg.
Tony Parker will be traded so George Hill can start
Portland grabs a high playoff seed and Brandon Roy will finish within the top 5 of MVP voting.
Wade will finally improve his long range shooting
Rajon Rondo will lead the league in triple doubles
Dwight Howard becomes MVP and DPOY with an improved offensive game and an added mean streak.
Aaron Brooks will be an Allstar
The Cavs win 30 plus games and scrap into contention for the postseason
George Karl will publicly critisize Melo once he is traded
Cuban will push for another overhaul in the Mavs roster, trading an unhappy Marion and Jason Terry.
The Lakers will not repeat, mostly due to Andrew Bynum going down and Kobe slowing down
Orlando will end up winning it all

10-26-2010, 08:17 AM
Bulls finish with the #1 seed.
D.Rose is league MVP
C.Boozer is 1st team All NBA
Miami goes down in round 2.
LA goes down in round 2

10-26-2010, 08:21 AM
One of the top 30 players in the NBA dies of unnatural causes.
Mavericks win championship, with Dirk rematching Wade and the Heat in the finals.
Blake Griffin wins ROY
Greg Oden wins MIP
Rondo averages +13 apg
Lebron second only to Oscar Robertson for most triple doubles in a season
Durant wins DPOY
Lebron wins MVP

10-26-2010, 08:22 AM
Bulls finish with the #1 seed.
D.Rose is league MVP
C.Boozer is 1st team All NBA
Miami goes down in round 2.
LA goes down in round 2

are mods allowed to be homers?

10-26-2010, 08:35 AM
are mods allowed to be homers?


Spurs will win the championship :smoking:

10-26-2010, 08:54 AM
A thread for homers to overrate their teams.

10-26-2010, 08:59 AM
Thunder will make the finals -- and win.


10-26-2010, 09:07 AM
Is this an opportunity for haters to "post their unpopular views"?

10-26-2010, 09:09 AM
As long as it doesn't attack a fanbase.

allan w davis
10-26-2010, 09:14 AM
The Pistons will suck, be sold, kick Joe D around.

10-26-2010, 09:41 AM
Kobe Bryant will need a cane lol
Stat is trash without Nash
Melo has a bad year with all the contreversy(dont feel like thinking how to spell)
Yao takes the Rockets all the way after they add Iggy
Miami wins it all
Lebron averages a triple double
Charles Barkley makes some more terrible remarks and eats more
Dan Gilbert quits after saying the Cavs will win it all
Gasol becomes the best player on the Lakers
Mcgrady proves everyone wrong

10-26-2010, 09:49 AM
LeBron proves all his doubters wrong and wins regular season MVP and Finals MVP.

10-26-2010, 10:05 AM
Durant does nothing but score at an average shooting % for his position. He is physically talented but doesn't rebound or use his height advantage to see the court, read the defense, and create plays for others. He's like a SG trapped inside a PFs body. Is that supposed to be good? How many times do big players get knocked for being "finesse" while Durant gets a free pass? He's a great player, but he's one dimensional (as of now) and people are overrating him.

10-26-2010, 10:34 AM
Nets sneak into and make the postseason this year as the 8th seed.

10-26-2010, 10:57 AM
lakers fail

10-26-2010, 11:01 AM
I agree with those who say Kobe will slow down a bit. I think his extraordinarily high amount of games played will continue to catch up with him. With or without him, the Lakers finish #1 in the West.
LeBron will win the MVP, and people will start to get off his back again, he's hungry, and nothing has changed: he's still the best in the game
The Magic and Heat go 7 games in the ECF, in one of the best series ever
The Thunder finish no better than the 5th seed
Dwight will win DPOY unanimously
The Knicks, Magic, Heat, Mavs and Blazers are the only teams to average 100%+ attendence
Bill Simmons is right; Blake Griffin is a top 5 PF already
Greg Oden will be an all-star
The Nets make the playoffs
The Magic, with their trade assets, make the biggest splash at the deadline
The Heat will win 71 games
People will begin to see that Durant has no business being mentioned as the best. Great scorer, amazing person, but his all around game won't look as good this year.
Serge Ibaka wins MIP

10-26-2010, 11:20 AM
The Knicks won't make the playoffs

Kobe has a significant decline

The Heat win 70+ games

10-26-2010, 07:08 PM
Kings finish .500.
Beasley averages 20ppg.
Jazz finish the #2 seed and/or make a playoff run.
The East remains boringly predictable with Magic/Celtics/Heat top 3 all season.

10-26-2010, 07:15 PM
Wizards 10th in ecs during asb then reveal they are changing back to the bullets their 1st game back then go on a incredible run make it to the playoffs and get past the 1st round

10-26-2010, 10:11 PM
sounds like "kobe having a decline and gettin injured a lot" is NOT an unpopular opinion...

then i say,kobe will win the mvp,lakers 3 peat.