View Full Version : The NBA lockout and ticket prices

10-26-2010, 01:44 AM
While reading quite a few threads recently I have seen several people criticize the players and the players association for their salaries. These people have blamed the huge player salaries on rising ticket prices.

Everyone must understand that ticket prices have absolutely zero relation to player salaries, arena costs, or really any other cost for that matter (not including the per fan costs which are built in to ticket prices....such as the cost for security of 10 fans compared to the cost of security for 10,000 fans). The only thing that affects the price of a ticket in the modern NBA stadium is the demand for such ticket. Tickets will always be priced as high as possible as long as somebody will buy them.

With the upcoming collective bargaining fight on the horizon, I have seen several people state that if the players take the reduction in salary that David Stern is pushing for, ticket prices will go down. This is 100% wrong. Player salaries could be 10$ a year and stadiums and owners will still charge as much as they possibly can.