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10-09-2010, 07:30 PM
I don't watch basketball at all, besides a few playoff games that i usually change the channel midway through, so I know very little about basketball.

I joined this league because my friend wanted me to try it. It's a Rotisserie (?) scoring league. With stats of; Points (PTS), Blocks (BLK), Steals (STL), Assists (AST), Rebounds (REB), Three Pointers Made (3PM),
Field Goal Percentage (FG%), and Free Throw Percentage (FT%).

So I wanna know if my team (http://games.espn.go.com/fba/clubhouse?leagueId=81357&teamId=6) is any good? What I'm weak at and got a free agent question.

SF Kevin Durant
PF Chris Bosh
PG Monta Ellis
SG O.J. Mayo
C Andrea Bargnani
G Vince Carter
F Kevin Love
UTIL Andray Blatche
UTIL Kevin Garnett
UTIL Rodney Stuckey

Bench Yao Ming
Bench Greg Oden
Bench J.J. Hickson

I'm going to drop JJ Hickson for Marvin Williams or Jonny Flynn. Which one is better to have?

10-10-2010, 08:25 AM
To be honest I don't like rotisserie, but the point is to have players on your team who are good across the entire stat line. If you have a player who is extremely good at some stats, but really sucks at one or two of them, then that will seriously hurt your team's overall performance in rotisserie.

This is the reason, for example, that Dwight Howard isn't a top ranked player in the Yahoo rankings, which are based on rotisserie play strangely enough (I think more people play H2H leagues, but I could be wrong). His awfulness at free throw % hurts you in rotisserie, but he is a top 6 draft pick in H2H leagues.

So whatever you do, try to avoid guys who are really bad at certain stats.

You only have one real assist-providing player (Stuckey), so I'd say your main need would be assists if you replace someone on your roster.

I'm not sure about dropping Hickson though. He is Cleveland's main young talent, and considering the state their team is currently in he will probably see a lot of minutes.

The stats Marvin Williams provides are more or less the same (points & rebounds, with a little bit of other stuff making the difference between them), so the question would be which one will be better this upcoming season, which can indeed be a tough decision at this moment.

Flynn's game can or can not take a step forwards from last season. To be honest I was disappointed with him when I had him on one of my fantasy teams last year. He isn't one of those (point) guards who provides you with huge assist numbers. But who knows, maybe he has a breakout season? Nobody can tell right now.

To have both Yao and Oden, you have the NBA's two most injury prone big men right there (+ Yao will play restricted minutes the entire season). My instinct tells me to advise you to drop one of them for another player/stat you need (Marv, Flynn or whoever else is there), but I know the thought of "but what if they really stay healthy this season" can make it very hard to actually do so. However by the time one of them does get injured Marv will have been picked up by someone else already.
And when the season is over I really wouldn't be surprised if Oden ends up playing only 20 games again while Hickson puts up good numbers the entire season in Cleveland.

Decisions desisions :smoking:

10-10-2010, 08:30 AM
Of course the best case scenario would probably be if you could trade either Yao or Oden for a legit assist-providing point guard.

10-25-2010, 02:27 PM
You definitely need assists. I'd pick up Flynn because he will get the minutes and he will get you around 500 assists.