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10-09-2010, 01:19 AM
(Pete Mickael is the guy from FC Barcelona that defended Kobe)

It's a funny blog. Some parts I don't know whether to take it serious or not.


One hour before the game I was told Ron Artest said ďPete who?Ē when they asked him if he knew who he was going to guard. Anyway, it really doesnít matter what he said. It had no factor the way I play. He doesnít have to know me. He doesnít have to even after the game. I could care less what any guy says, good or bad. Iím a team basketball player. I got him in the chin pretty good, which is what I wanted to do to start off, because he started off physical, tried to push, and I got a nice one on him. This is our gym, our home, they came to Barcelona to play us. I donít really want to get into what happened with Artest on the court. I donít know him at all, just saw him on TV and I had never played him.

The fact that the winner of the Euroleague beats the NBA champion gives more opportunites for the media to debate if FC Barcelona can compete in the NBA. For the world of basketball, itís a great thing. Now people in the States know who FC Barcelona is. Itís not just Ricky, who might play in the NBA soon, but for a roster full of interesting players. This helps us worldwide. Thatís what I love about this game. To come out and compete, thatís great. Itís all about competing, competing against guys bigger and stronger, you go out and you take it to them. No matter what league youíre playing. I donít care Kobe Bryant won five NBA championships. This was just a basketball game and I focused on doing my job.


Phil Jackson said we wouldnít have a chance in a 82-game NBA regular season. Well, look at what Kobe said after this comment. Kobe, who is a basketball player, not a coach, disagreed. Itís different being a coach and actually holding a basketball and playing against guys. Kobe, obviously, has respect for FC Barcelona because he competed against us for 25 minutes. He played team basketball, passing the ball, not playing too much one-on-one. In the NBA, youíll see Kobe taking 25 shots. Here itís kind of a different game. The NBA is a great, great League. But here in Europe there is good basketball too.

We had a little conversation on the court that went like thisÖ

Kobe said to me ďHey, this game might get you in the NBA,Ē trying to be a smartass. ďIf you think that, then put your money where your mouth is and play one-on-one and weíll see where your game is at,Ē I replied. ďPut your $100 million to my account and then we can play basketball, then you talk to me since you want to be a smartass.Ē

It was a competitive game, and thatís what I liked the most apart from my friends and family watching me live.

Weíre in the right direction.

Talk to you soon!

10-09-2010, 05:51 AM
hahahaha didn't know Mickael was such a bad *** ;p

Lots of players have personal blogs over here, specially the American ones, so don't act surprised about it or don't say it's made up or whatever ;)

10-13-2010, 07:18 PM
haha bold move.... i like it tho