View Full Version : New keeper league on CBS LF owners! $100 and $50 payouts.

10-01-2010, 04:23 PM
Need a few more owners for a new league starting up on CBS. Most of us have been playing for well over 10 years and looking for some new blood! E-mail me (luisfe [at] gmail.com) or leave a message if interested. The league is just like any other league except you can keep as many players as you want for a slight penalty. Some info...

H2H points, players’ salaries are based of point totals of previous year.

Snake draft over a period of several days. $360 salary cap.

16 teams, 16 players per team, with 10 starters and 6 bench and 2 IR spots.

Teams may keep as many players as they’d like for a slight increase in salary.

Daily lineups.

8 teams make playoffs, 8-team consolation bracket winner gets to choose where he picks in next years free agent draft.

$18 fee for CBS league fees ($130) and $100 to champion and $50 to highest point total in the regular season (champion cannot win both).

Thanks! E-mail me (luisfe [at] gmail.com) or leave a message if interested!