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09-29-2010, 01:30 AM
IF healthy(big if i know) and i mean 100% healthy, how far can these teams reach this year? playoffs,confrence finals, finals?

Houston- at least the playoffs if not further


l.a clippers- if healthy they have a great young team...maybe playoff hunt?


09-29-2010, 01:49 AM
Houston and Portland if healthy all year could conceivably make it to the finals. The Clipper could fight for a low seed in the playoffs but not much further.

09-29-2010, 03:25 AM
Well all of the teams have unique circumstances but similar ones as well. All 3 have super talented big guys that are health risks. But I'll go team by team.

Houston- They have depth at every position for the first time I can remember. Even moreso than the Hakeem teams. I mean...look at the depth chart:

C- Yao/Brad Miller
PF- Scola/Patterson/Hill
SF- Battier/Buddinger
SG- Martin/Lee
PG- Brooks/Lowery

I mean...some of those guys aren't big names, but everybody is above average. You have 4 guys in the starting lineup who could average over 18PPG and all the backups, if given minutes, could probably score around 10. You know the defense is always there, and they have a coach and GM who are proven commodities, but don't get in each others way. The thing that limits them even if all the cards fall into place is do they have a legit superstar? Not really. Not with Yao playing 20 minutes a game. Every team that has a won a championship in the past 20 years has had that one guy who could just own a game at any time. Jordan, Wade, Shaq, Kobe, Hakeem, Duncan, and Pierce could all score 50 on any given night. They could all carry a team. They had pieces around them that were essential, yes, but take those guys off the team and you have no chance. Only one team broke that mold. The 2004 Pistons. That is who the Rockets need to be in order to win it all. A new couple of heroes every night. 4 All-Stars and a stopper. But, as much as I want them to be, they just aren't that kinda team. 2nd or 3rd round exit, unless they pull of a mega-trade (which, is very possible considering the GM we have).

Portland- The only one of these 3 teams that has a guy that can carry a team offensively. Brandon Roy isn't flashy, but he is a superstar. Not an All-Star or a star, but a guy that can carry a team. Oden, if totally healthy, has defensive anchor potential. He lacks discipline, or has up until this point, so far. He is foul-prone. He needs to learn, but he's still young. Aldridge is a great 2nd or 3rd guy. They have vets like Miller, Pryzbilla, and Camby who are solid. They have one of the best coaches in the NBA. They have the biggest upside at this point, in my opinion. If a few guys develop (Batum, Rudy, and Batum) they have the roster to go all the way.

Clippers- We know what we are getting with Baron Davis and Kaman. They are borderline All-Stars at best. But how much will Gordon grow this season? And is Blake Griffin a franchise player? Those two questions define the season, obviously. My guesses are Gordon will join B Diddy and Kaman as one of those borderline all-star types. He is gonna be very good but not great. Slightly below Kevin Martin on offense with above average defense is his ceiling. Everything hinges on Blake. He seems like more Amare than Duncan. So if that's true, they will never surpass the 2nd round with this roster.