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from a ny post blog

Terry Mulholland has the worst season ERA in Yankees history for a pitcher who qualified for the ERA title, delivering a 6.49 ERA in a 1994 season shortened by labor issues. But if the season were to end today the Yankees would have a new No. 2 man on the list by the name of A.J. Burnett. His 5.33 ERA would bump old Bump Hadley and his 5.31 ERA from 1937 down the list to third.

In many ways, though, Burnett stands alone: Never have the Yankees let anyone pitch this many innings (180 2/3) and be this wretched.

And in some ways it is amazing that Burnett could actually get to 180 2/3 innings. He lasted just 2 1/3 innings last night, giving up seven runs and losing for the 15th time. This represented the major league-high eighth time that Burnett had thrown four or fewer innings this season. Yes, one of those times was because of a long rain delay, but in general he has earned this distinction of awfulness.

Burnett has failed to reach five innings 10 times now this season, which is three more than anyone in the majors. We are talking about failing to reach in the minimum requirement to earn a win in nearly one-third of his starts – and the Yankees are, of course, 0-10 in those games, including a 7-5 loss in Toronto last night. If you are looking for places in which they might have secured a few more wins to secure the best record in the AL begin with Burnett.

Instead, Burnett has lost 15 games all by his lonesome. That is the most losses by a Yankee since Melido Perez had 16 in 1992. But those Yankees weren’t very good. Perez actually lost 16 games with a 2.87 ERA. The last time a Yankee lost 15 games on a winning team was when Catfish Hunter went 17-15 for the 1976 AL champs. Hunter threw 298 2/3 innings and 21 complete games. He failed to go five innings just twice all year or one fewer time than he pitched 11 or more innings.http://www.nypost.com/p/blogs/hardball/up_the_burnett_edition_Ufb2TWuWoNytGjUcgsB4nO

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and yes, mods you can move it i just wanted some views...

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haha I love it.

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I love to see this.

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Serves AJ right for going to the Yankees. I just want to vomit every time I see him in pinstripes.

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guy is a flake, tough to predict his failure in ny.

R. Johnson#3
09-29-2010, 02:55 PM
"AJ has so much potential"

"AJ is gonna be the best #2 in the league"

"AJ could win 20 games"

All quotes of you idiots who thought AJ was good when WE first got him.

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"AJ has so much potential"

"AJ is gonna be the best #2 in the league"

"AJ could win 20 games"

All quotes of you idiots who thought AJ was good when WE first got him.

And when he was healthy, he was very good for us. Sub 3.60 xFIP over those 3 years, and worth 11.3 WAR in 522 IP. Comparatively, Roy Oswalt has put up a WAR of 11.4 over the last 3 years in 600 IP. In his 3 years with the Mets, Johan Santana has been worth 11.3 WAR in 600 IP. That means AJ Burnett's Blue Jays career was quite significantly better than Oswalt or Santana have been over the last 3 years. Would you have been complaining about either of those guys putting up those numbers for us from 08-10? (you can't see it, but I'm helping you with the answer by shaking my head...)

Yes, his injuries were hella frustrating, and he probably wasn't as committed as he should've been. But make no mistake, he was a great #2 for us when he took the mound.

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I would have gone to the yankees too if they were going to give me an absurd amount of money when my track record clearly shows that I'm a .500 pitcher

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I just don't know what happened to the guy. He had such great stuff. I loved watching his starts when he was still in TO.

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