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09-05-2010, 12:50 PM
Dimitris Diamantidis announced right after Greece's defeat to Spain that it was his last match for the Greek national team. Most probable reason is fatigue, because he has played for so long non-stop, missing just the 2009 Eurobasket due to surgery.

One of the best players in these tournaments, and a great loss for Greece and international basketball.

Here are some words from the Spanish players & coach that heard the news soon after the announcement, to Greek reporters (I personally translated them)

Marc Gasol
"I wish him good luck in the remainder of his career at club level, and anthing that may come after that... He was an exceptional player with rare qualities who has left his mark in international competitions with his graceful personality and accomplished style. He's one of few point guards that does everything... Plays great defense, steals the ball, grabs rebounds, even has a tend to block! But even in offense, he isn't worse! The Greek national team has lost a really great player..."

Juan Navarro
"Are you being serious now? All this time I have got used to playing against him every year and he always gave me trouble! We had some confrontations on court at times, but these things happen and they are forgotten right away. I will miss him as an opponent and specially these encounters every summer. I'm glad that I'll watch him in winter as well because Barcelona and Panathinaikos will surely meet at some point in the Euroleague. Diamantidis is a great person and a rare player.I hope I run onto him in the hotel so that I can speak to him in person about this..."

Ricky Rubio
"That is the best news for your opponents and the worst probable news for your team. I just played in the last years for Spain and met him only twice but I also met him as a Barcelona and a Badalona player. Even if most times we've beaten his team, the respect he deserves is truly huge! I grew up watching him play for Greece and Panathinaikos and I can admit that I copied some of his elements of play. I'm really proud to have played against him. I know that he's a person that does not do much talking, but still all these years, he's one of the most underrated stars of world basketball! "

Sergio Scariolo
"He's one of my favorites players ever and his absence will be huge in international competitions. You rarely find such players, who are so gifted and talented and make a great difference in both defense and offense. I love watching him on court and coaching him has always been a dream for me. Greek basketball owes him a lot..."

Scariolo will never coach Diamantidis btw :p

His best moment for Greece arguably. Winning shot vs France that brought Greece to the 2005 Eurobasket final and an eventual gold medal after 18 years!

Too bad for Greece. He was much needed for the 2011 Eurobasket and the 2012 Olympics. With a better coach Greece could have advanced more and this could have been postponed.
At least we can watch him bring us (me :p ) joy in the Euroleague and Greek championship

09-05-2010, 03:22 PM
Sucks he wont play internationally any more for Greece. At least we'll still have him balling it up for Panathinaikos!!!!

09-05-2010, 04:21 PM
comments from fans in the FIBA website:

-Jovo, Serbia
"The best defensive player in the world and great man. Thank you for all you gave to basketball."

-vincent , China
"Diamantidis is a great basket player in the world.His retire is a huge lost for Greece."

-kelvin, Philippines
"..a man,an icon...he is just relentless..such as true greek treasure!long live diamond.."

-enrico abellana, Philippines
"You're a great player Dimitris! It's been an honor to have watched you display you're great basketball skills to the international audience. Hope you could bring a few of your colleagues here to the Philippines and help our team here elevate our game to the next level. More power."

-G., Turkey
"Respect and good luck to a great player. It's sad news."

-tk, Switzerland
"Respect to a great player! History has been written."

-kafsinkaf, Turkey
"A sad moment for european basketball. He is a player all european basketball fans respect. And I really wonder, if it should have been Kazlauskas retiring from greek national team."

-itzakshylock, Brazil
"Man, Diamantidis is a icon. Im really sorry with his retirement. I think greece is going to trouble without him in the next years. Papaloukas, Papadopoulos and now Diamantidis. Im sorry Greece. Its the end of a era."

-Pedro, Spain
"Love the man, His intensity, his defence and his passing ability. He will continue to torture us with Panathinakos, Great rivsl! Lots of respect for him."

-Marius, Lithuania
"Well, not the best way to end your career in national team. Still, a great player, who will be remembered as one of the best European defence specialists of all time as well as a very good clutch shooter with the game on the line (remember GRE/FRA semifinal match in Eurobasket '05). Respect DD!"

-Dusan, Serbia
"No man no no.You have so much to give."

-Francesco, Italy
"Fantastic player! Respect Diamantidis!The 2nd best player of this decade in europe according to euroleague after Bodiroga!He was the main reason to watch Greece.We'll continue to watch him with his team Panathinaikos and i hope that he may someday join Roma!"


I knew this guy was respected by fans, but this made me feel that he actually is a global star!

09-06-2010, 12:19 AM
How old is he right now?

09-06-2010, 06:53 AM
He's just 30 so it's bad news for Greece, but good news for every other national team. Definitely best defender in Europe so it will be hard to replace him...

09-06-2010, 07:42 AM
Kostas Tsartsaris, 31 years old, follows. He had every right to be upset with the coach and everything about this tournament. Everyone except Spanoulis & Bourousis had that right!

New era for Greece.

We'll see how Nikos Pappas, Kostas Papanikolaou, Linos Chrysikopoulos(17 years old) can cope at this stage. I doubt Papaloukas will ever come back, despite wanting to play this year.

So Greece will start relying on new blood. The old times when qualifying for quarters was a great accomplishment will return.
Will be a heck of a Eurobasket in Lithuania next year! Lithuania with good young players, but not ready to go far, with their large support, Turks will have a great team, France might have their best available, Germany will depend on Nowitzki, Greece on their new talent, Spain will still be the team to beat, Italy might be there with 4-5 very good players, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia will be there too... Too bad I'm a Greece fan :D

09-06-2010, 12:36 PM

Nice compilation of Diamantidis from his international career

09-06-2010, 12:43 PM
Diamantidis is one of my favorite European players. A guy who can play 3 positions, kind of like the "point-forward". Hopefully the youngs can continue the tradition.

09-06-2010, 04:09 PM
He's a great player and a big loss to our national team but you have to feel for the man. He looks downright TIRED the last couple of years. He needs some time off right away if he wants to play at a high level with Panathinaikos this year again.