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08-18-2010, 08:10 PM
i just want to know how lebron doesnt have a chance at being the greatest of all time?..

one question..
if kobe went to orlando with that being dwights franchise who is the sidekick?

isnt it still dwight? why because kobes better

if dwayne wade couldnt start over kobe on team usa or isnt called the best player in the league but lebron is.. then how is wade the heats best player?

if wade or kobe wasnt the leaders of team usa and lebron was than how is wade the best leader on the miami heat?

if lebron gets mentioned as one of the greatest and wade doesnt then how is he the sidekick?

how is kobe better than lebron?
if kobe was on cleveland for those 7 years does he take them to the finals,win 2 mvps,end the pistons run,and take that roster to the best record for two years in a row?

i know wade wouldnt have.. and i def know kobe would laugh at the chance to play their.. but i guarntee you that kobe or wade wouldnt have any success like lebron..

people talk about lebron saying it on tv.. but kobe did it..are people just forgetting or ignoring and hating on lebron.. was it just bad memeories? or did people forget he actually has a rape charge and is blamed for breaking a dynasty.. lebron wants one kobe wanted to be the guy being greedy.. theirs a difference lebron did it with just asking for help but still took the league in his hands and ran away with it.. ima bulls fan and lets be honest his team blew out a bunch of our teams..many times.. and if you put kobe or wade their i bet they dont do that.. at all.. pau gasol brought the lakers back.. PAU.. not kobe.. kobe hadnt got out the first round yet.. PAU.. lebrons coaches dont even have a ring compared to wade having riley & kobe having phil his whole life..
wade without that title and the great team.. is tracy mcgrady of the early 2000s..prove me wrong.. tracy was even better..which is debateable.

lebrons only bad "decision" was actually just trying to get attention with the knicks rumors and the dancing..

name me another player who gets it easy like lebron

go ahead.. wade couldnt even start on the usa team let alone be the vocal leader and best player in the world.. that was lebron..so whos the sidekick?

in all honesty

is paul career tarnished for following melo to either new york teams or playing with dwight?

is kidd's career tainted with dirk since he was the guy before?

so whats the problem with lebron because he lead the worst starting finals team there?

duncan won for david robinson.. you dont see people bashing david

because his team blew out other teams so he just danced?

kobe is just as ignornant and so is people like shaq.. BUT because we finally have a legit player to over take jordan we go crazy.. its goina happend someday.. and it will be lebron like it or not..if on the court success is what makes you then name me another player who you could put in lebrons shoes and do the same all while under 25..

lebron will be the greatest.. and im the bigest derrick rose fan so being bias isnt even close at all i got a bulls tattoo on me..but im not stupid or ignorant to lie or say something that doesnt make sense.. prove why lebron cant" be the best and how in the world is he the sidekick? to wade? to who bosh? cant even get to the playoffs and wade isnt even talk about over kobe.. if hes the best player in the league then what is the heat in another country? please people give bron a break.. dont suck his d*ck but be real.. just like how we are with michael

08-18-2010, 08:18 PM
He'll never be Jordan.

08-18-2010, 08:19 PM
These threads never end well.