View Full Version : Royals Designate Jose Guillen for Assignment

08-05-2010, 02:55 PM
The Royals designated Jose Guillen for assignment, according to Bob Dutton of the Kansas City Star (on Twitter). The team, which called up Philip Humber in a corresponding move, now has ten days to determine Guillen's future. A trade seems likely, though a release is possible.

The 34-year-old drew interest from the Giants and other clubs before the trade deadline. Since the deadline, Guillen is hitless in 19 at bats, so he hasn't helped his trade value this week. After the Royals traded Scott Podsednik, GM Dayton Moore told reporters that he'd consider dealing players who are on the brink of free agency.

Guillen has $3.8MM remaining on his contract before he hits free agency this winter. Despite his recent slump, he has 16 homers and a .255/.314/.429 line thanks to strong performances in April and June.

Well Royals have the most inconsistent players but your farm is looking very promising just hope that some of the players pan out (like: Mike Moustakas SP ERROR)

08-05-2010, 09:42 PM
See ya.... Jose Guillen! The cancer has been removed.....and the good news....is that it will only cost 4 million dollars! Not hard to replace someone who doesnt want to be there and is currently in an 0-21 slump. Hell....i can go 0-21....and i would do it for much less than 4 million dollars!

08-11-2010, 12:58 AM
Guillen didn't want to be there? What player actually wants to be on the Royals? lol sorry I just had to.

08-11-2010, 08:29 AM
If a player would concern himself with earning the money he makes, then there wouldnt be the questions like yours from fanbases who generally know nothing about the Royals, and really dont care. Guillen signed a three year 36 million dollar contract, and then the excuses started...."my knee hurts.....I hurt my elbow"...and finally, "I play like crap because the Royals are a joke". It's fairly obvious that the Royals are going to have to build the team from within, if they are going to gain back the level of success they once had.

Free-agents are all about the money. They aren't team leaders...if they were, they wouldn't be free agents. The Royals made the mistake of letting their farm system dry up after David Glass bought the team. At the same time, they were mis-managing their own free agents. Johnny Damon was the first one they screwed up on...we could have kept him for 4 million...they decided to get cheap and allowed him to walk. The downward spiral began there, and continued until a couple of years ago. We have some quality players in the minors now, but they just arent quite ready to come up yet.

Until free agents begin to think, "I want to go to the Royals...they have it going on", 9 out of 10 of them are just going to be a waste of time and money.