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07-30-2010, 09:25 AM
Okay, a digression but I donít care.

The Canadian newspaper business Ė and our little part of it in particular Ė is worse off today.

Dave Perkins, or Perk as heís known to all and sundry, snuck out the back door at the end of Thursday, bringing the curtain down on an extraordinary career.

Now, heíll still be around a bit Ė the tall foreheads at our place got it right and heíll be an occasional contributor in his quasi-retirement Ė but his days as the full-time conscience of our department are over.

Perkís a classic, and a giant. Heís been scribbling at our place for about 33 years, I think he said, and heís done it all.

Iíve had the honour of working alongside him an awful lot, we walked the Great Wall of China, check out the Acropolis, saw Sydney Harbour and did sushi in Nagano and been in a whole bunch of North American cities.

If you think he tells a good story in print, you should have the privilege of sitting in a big old rental car smoking a foot-long cigar as he conducts his driving tour of New York City, which is a must for any young kid lucky enough to be there with him.

ďAlbert Anastasia got shot over there. This is where this other mobster got whacked. Thereís where Lennon got it. Thatís the greatest sportswriter bar in the world.Ē

He is a raconteur beyond compare.

Hereís the thing about guys like Perk. There arenít enough of them left. I donít think weíve got one in this city, I canít imagine thereís one like him anywhere else in Canada and the way our business is going, Iím not sure anyone can elevate themselves to his class.

Now, heís a tad crusty and if someone sees this and points it out to him, heíll probably be a bit miffed but, truth be told, our business lost a giant and it sucks.

You readers were better off for having Perk in your life and thatís about the greatest thing you can say about a typist in this gig.

Link: http://thestar.blogs.com/raptors/

I believe a lot of you hated him. I never had any problems with him but I wasn't a fan either.