View Full Version : Top 10 for the 2010 Season

07-26-2010, 02:40 AM
I apologize if this has been done already, but what are some top storylines/outcomes that'll take place in the 10-11 season (In your opinion).

1.. Pat Riley will coach the Miami Heat again
2. The Heat will not reach the finals
3. CP3 won't be dealt till mid season (GMs wanna see if he is healthy)
4. The race for the final spot in the East will be between the Knicks, Nets, Wizards, Sixers.
5. Thunder get close to 55 wins (3 seed)
6. No team wins more than 60 games---and no team loses 60 games
7. Toronto and Golden St. will be neck and neck in worst record (sorry TOR & GSW fans---just my opinion)
8, The Celtics' Big 4 stay healthy---but it is not enough to get them to the finals.
9. In the west, the Memphis Grizzlies will compete with the Houston Rockets for the 8th seed.
10. All homerism aside, the Lakers 3-peat