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07-16-2010, 11:37 AM
I start this off quick and simple....To the "fans" who:

Have burned a LBJ jersey, wished injury to him or his family, thrown rocks at his billboard, claim you hate him now, claim he screwed you over and betrayed you and quit......YOU GUYS MAKE ME SICK!!!!

I am SO FREAKING SICK of hearing the, "you don't understand, its deeper than that, your not from Cleveland." STFU already honestly!!! You act like living in Cleveland is so terrible.....I am pretty sure living in NO is worse....been to both places and I can tell you first handed that they have endured a lot more pain and hopelessness. Big freaking deal that LBJ left because Gilbert (who you dumb retards look at as the new g-d of Cleveland) didn't put any talent around the best basketball talent in the league.

You claim you are a die hard fan and this and that, but hate LBJ because there was nothing left there for him? Wow! Way to be classy and mature...guess the people that say Cleveland has white trash retards weren't lying. I mean, only a classless arrogant person would come up with the conclusions that you people come up with.

I would LOVE to hear the opinions the Cavs fans have to where LBJ should have gone....

Yeah he should not have done an hour special on it (he was looking to raise money and wanted to be in the spot light)...but big deal! He makes one little mistake and that's where all this hatred and anger comes from?

Please tell me what you would have done if you were him...

He averaged 29/9/7/2/1 and he quit in the playoffs?!?!?!? LOL....

You all need to take the tampon out and get over it....no one feels sorry for you and if you had any brains you would filter you anger towards the real issue and that's terrible management. If LBJ pulled an Amare and left because of greed when they did put together a good team around him, that's one thing....Look where the Sun's go and look where the Cav's go this year....thats the difference....

Heat fans would not be mad if Wade left, it would be unfortunate, but the fans would not blame him...Riley went all in for 3 years and it paid off...it could have easily went the opposite way

Toronto fans were not bitter at Bosh for leaving...management was just at bad as Cav's management


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Thank God somebody decided to have a thread about LeBron leaving Cleveland. I was waiting for one of those.

07-16-2010, 11:45 AM
I agree, but was ANOTHER thread needed for this? You could have read one of the 1297 other threads. :horse:

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hmm heat fan?

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I just want to know personally what the "fans" think...where he should have gone and why....I just want to hear a logical opinion

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