View Full Version : Time to Forgive Lebron its our fault not his.

07-15-2010, 11:59 PM
Mj was a bad boy What if he had help like Kobe and Wade? After watching these interviews one thing is clear is that Kobe will never be as great as Jordan was even if he win 6 or 7 Rings but he is darn close. The other thing that sticks out is after Kobe the other player closest to Jordan is Wade but he has ways to go long ways. It also made me notice the different mind set of Lebron, unlike the mentioned three Lebron is the most gifted but not as strong mentally. He also has a different game than all three. Lebron has the Speed, Strength and size to shoulder a team but he is missing the most important things desire and will. As fans we stay looking for the next great player to surpass the great Mj. Kobe, Carter, Tmac, G hill, Wade and now Lebron. They are all victims and are bound to fail if they don't stack up. Mj Legacy is intact none of the present players will dethrone his legacy and there is none on the horizon his legacy lives on. Because of Lebrons. Time has changed and you can tell in the mind set of Mj and Lebron old school vs New school they are on two different side of the fence. One sound determined to win and prove his talents a born Leader the other side one who has been Beaten by Boston and lost faith. Most of the older players had that mind set they came out after the decision. Lebron and the new school players don't even understand they a trying to convince you why they should join now rather than later if the don't succeed. Lebron has moved on and given up on the battle and so should we. He will still be a great player and fun to watch but one thing is clear. He is A king that has no home. And no more he can be the next MJ so he can move on and Be lebron while Mj legacy lives on.