View Full Version : When it's all said and done Who's career was better Wade or Lebron? Update G.O.A.T

07-15-2010, 07:34 PM
Lebron decided to jump ship with Wade, So does this mean Lebron needed Wade to Win?(in my eyes yes) When it's all said and done Wade will be the one with more championship's, Wade will be the guy who stuck it out with there team....so were does that leave Lebron?

(when Shaq was with kobe ppl claimed he was'nt G.O.A.T because he couldnt do it with out him)

1- Jordan
3- Magic
3 A-Kobe
4- Chamberlain
5- Bird

P.S the users who keep putting "bring on the HATE" should grow up.....not my fault Lebron and Wade had a panic attack when they saw Kobe get his 5 championship