View Full Version : Billy King To New Jersey, Pritchard to New Orleans

07-15-2010, 06:22 PM


I gotta say, when i heard there was an opening with Jersey, I thought Pritchard was the man for the job. In Portland he had the luxury if money and drafts picks, and the flexibility to take on large contracts in trades since Portland's owners were willing to spend. And with New Jersey's solid young core in guys like Lopez, Harris and their latest first round pick Favors, the cap space they have available and late-first round crawford, young vet Lee and Boone (a work horse on the glass), this team has the felibility to really improve. No disrespect to King, I think he will do a great job in NJ too, he did a great job building around Iverson (nobody else could do it), make a smart trade that seemed lop-sided for the Pistons when he moved Stackhouse for Aaron McKey and Theo Ratliff, made smart draft choices (Van horn, Larry Hughes, Todd McChullen at 47th over all, Andre Igudala, Samuel Dalembert, Lou Williams- 45th overall and Speedy Claxton, whose had a long NBA career for a guy his size), so I'm sure that King will do as well or better with the flexibility he has in New Jersey.

New Orleans is a different story though. They are strapped for cash, and even though they have a great duo in CP3/West, that duo, along with Stojakovic and Posey, are eating up much of NO's cap space, and since the team is losing money, Pritchard wont have the luxury of being able to take on larger contracts in trades, or buying up in the draft to get the guys he wants, and will have to be creative enough to pick up promising young and inexpensive players and moving bad contracts. Its a tall order and Pritcard may deliever, but it seemed like New Jersey would have been a dream job for him considering the fact the the New owner of the Nets does not seem shy about spending money.

hopefully both guys do well, its nice to see king back in the front office and I'm glad Pritchard wont be out long, but I think Pritchard would have really been able to excel in New Jersey.