View Full Version : How Will The Three Olympians Impact The Next CBA

07-14-2010, 08:07 PM
The average salary in the NBA is about where it should I think, somewhere over 4 or 5 million, but there seems to be a big desparity between the top tier talent and the mid-level/role players. I understand the best performers should be earning top dollar, but with the recent Miami Heat signings, one team will be spending almost the entirety of the salary cap on three players, and only one other player (Mike Miller) will be truly earning his market value. Big Z is easily a mid-level exception player, even at this age, and while Juan Howard may be at about the vet-min at this point in his career, Haslem has also taken a pay cut.

How do you all think this will impact the next collective bargaining agreement? Do you think the bulk of the NBA players, like the mid-level talent and role players, will see these types of signings as a drain on their own pay checks and present oposition to signings such as these?

Perhaps a limit on max contracts to each team (only one or two perhaps).

Miami will have a good team by the time fall roles around, no doubt, but there will be some great talent who will be underpaid and I dont think that is a healthy pattern of behaviour for the league over all because the guys who dont make so much off of endorsements need their NBA pay checks, and when team like Miami or New York drop so much money on so few players, it doesnt seem like the cash is going to be as balanced as it should be.